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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez needs to wait a bit longer to get hitched Lawfully

An American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez had been planning to tie a knot with her beloved partner Alex Rodriguez since he proposed to her on a beach, but like many other couples who were planning to get married in 2020, the plan of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s marriage too is postponed due to lethal spread of COVID-19. Reportedly, the excited couple had started to prepare for their big day.

As the COVID-19 cases increase across the globe, public gatherings are highly restricted, and considering the current situation, it seems to be the same way for quite some time. 

On the “Today Show”, renowned singer Jennifer Lopez revealed her feelings about delaying her wedding with Alex Rodriguez due to novel coronavirus.

According to the report, Jennifer Lopez is feeling heartbroken about postponing her wedding with Alex Rodriguez indefinitely due to Coronavirus as the actress had been planning a summer wedding in Italy. 

“I’m Gonna Be Alright” singer Lopez disclosed on the TV show that no one actually knows what will happen the next moment. We all just have to patiently wait for the right time for the things to take place. She tells us that she had made a lot of plans for this summer, but things aren’t good at all and so a break has to be taken from all of this. She expresses her disappointment that she has thought to take a nice calming break after the shooting of Super bowl and World of Dance. But now nothing can be done. 

Apart from that, Jennifer Lopez also opened up over postponing her wedding plans on the show that she is devastated because she made a great plan with Alex Rodriguez for their wedding date. But, she also added that she has faith in God, and believes that God has a bigger plan for them, so they have to wait for the right time. 

She said in a post that it’s time to dance again by which she meant that she needed to come to feel alive and loved again as she got divorced recently, and it was of a trauma for her to deal with it. So this song was a motivational song for her to come back.

Shortly after the pandemic ends, the famous actress hopes to marry Alex Rodriguez and wishes to celebrate their intense love along with their loved ones and close friends.

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