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Jen Harley, What does Jen Harley do to earn a living?

Jen Harley

Jen Harley is an American successful businesswoman, Fashion Nova’s ambassador, a fashionista, and a frequent reality TV actress. She is located in Vegas and is also a professional realtor. She is famously known as Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s ex-girlfriend and baby mum.

The birthday of Jen Harley was October 28, 1987. It’s not clear if she’s the only child of her parents, since the socialite doesn’t talk to her siblings. The IG star had been raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She’s now an orphan, since both her parents have died. Her mum, Leslie, died on 29 February 2020; her father died of cancer in 2016.

What is the ethnicity of Jen Harley? Jen is American, and she’s an ancestor of Scottish-Wales. She completed her college education in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and came back to Las Vegas at the age of 18. She engaged her high school sweetheart, and that she had her son identified Mason with him.    

What does Jen Harley do to earn a living?

Jen Harley is a woman in the industry. She owns a line of clothes with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and is the Fashion Nova ambassador. She’s also a registered real estate agent in Las Vegas. She is also a recent reality TV actress who, in 2018, appeared in 25 episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation and one series of Hollywood Platform.

Are Ron and Jen even together?

No, the two of them are no longer married. The relationship between Ronnie and Jen started to fall apart in 2018 after their daughter was conceived. The relationship between Ronnie Ortiz and Magro Jen Harley started in 2017, but it was in 2014. Jen Harley’s pregnant announcement arrived less than a year after they formally started dating. On April 3, 2018, Jen and Ronnie were proud parents of their child Ariana.

When Harley and Ortiz-Magro had their daughter, they were both excited. Ortiz-Magro was delighted to have been a dad. Unfortunately, just a few weeks after Ariana was born, their relationship went south. Not long after Ortiz discovered compromising pictures and videos of Harley and her ex on her tablet, they split up. Ortiz-Magro became upset when he found out about it. He took Instagram to express his frustration.

Then he challenged his fans to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if they felt it was inappropriate to hold an ex’s sex videos even though they had been dating another human for a year. Jen replied to her baby daddy on her Instagram, he said. A couple of days after their Instagram feud, Harley filmed Ortiz-Magro when they were in the midst of a fight. In the film, Ortiz-Magro tends to pull the phone out of her hand a few seconds later.

Since then, the two were in an off-and-on partnership. The last time they were seen paired, it was in April 2019. The socialite is co-parenting her two daughters. Harley’s son is an 11-year-old boy called Mason, and her daughter is Ariana’s two-year-old daughter.

History of Jen Harley:

Jen isn’t new to making the rule run-ins. In 2018, during the Jersey Shore Family Vacation segment, Harley lunged at Ronnie, but she was held back by guards. The police investigated the crime but did not make any arrests. In June 2018, the news was made again by the arrest of Jen Harley. She was detained on domestic violence charges after she allegedly pulled Ortiz with her car as they were driving home from a function. This occurred to their daughter in the back seat of the car.

After the attack, they broke back and showed back together.

Also, on New Year’s Eve, the two couples were arguing at a party in Las Vegas. The mother of two reportedly hurled a glass ashtray at Ortiz-Magro, leaving him with bruises to his nose, mouth, and forehead. A few days later, he filed a battery report against her. In May 2019, the former actress called the police to her home, alleging that there was an attacker with a rifle.

When the police pulled up, they discovered that she had a pending New Year’s Eve warrant and had taken her into custody. On 16 January 2020, Ronnie called the police and lodged a domestic abuse lawsuit against Jennifer after she allegedly stormed his house and assaulted him. His attorneys, Scott Leemon and Leonard Levine verified the Page Six events.

Net Worth of Jen Harley:

The approximate net value of the socialite is $4.3 million. She’s made her fortune out of her career as a realtor, clothing company, Instagram endorsements, and more. Jen is interested in social media. She’s sharing pictures of her daughters, company endorsements, and outings on her Instagram profile. 568k people follow the Instagram profile of Jen Harley. Despite the disputes that accompany her life, Jen Harley is a wonderful wife, a brand ambassador, and a strong businesswoman.

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