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Jeffree Star: What is net worth and life journey?

Jeffree Star in all his eccentricities has been taking the glam world by storm, with his music and beauty-centric videos. He has hot pink hair and heavily-done eye makeup. He worked as a beauty guru. Now he uses social media as a stage to showcase everything that he is passionate about. He even is a pop singer and is in the spotlight for songs that go in the opposite direction when it comes to gender stereotypes. He has 3.7 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. his net worth is estimated to be $50 million.

Jeffree Star Early Life –

Jeffree was born on November 15, 1985, in Los Angeles County, California. He was raised in Orange County, California. When he was 6 years old his father committed suicide. He was then raised by his mother. As a kid, he kept experimenting with his mother’s makeup. When he was in junior school he insisted his mother allow him to do makeup while going to school. As he graduated from high school he moved to Los Angeles. He supported himself with various makeup, modeling, and music jobs.

Jeffree Star Career Life –

Jeffree used a popular social networking website MySpace to further both his fashion design and music career. He also did blogging about his life on the site. He has a lot of fan base on other websites too. His photoshoots on MySpace would get around 50000 comments as soon it is posted.

Jeffree is an electronica and pop vocalist. His journey began when he befriended Samantha Maloney (Peaches drummer) who encouraged him to make music. He was advertised as part of the True Color Tour 2007 which traveled through 15 cities in Canada and the United States. His first and only studio album Beauty Killer released in 2009. At Billboard Top Electronic Albums the album ranked number 7. To promote his music he did so many work tours.

In 2014 Jeffree founded his e-commerce makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He made videos and uploaded them on Youtube to promote his brand. His channel has 17.4 million subscribers and over 2.4 billion views as of October 2020. Some of his products are – velour liquid lipsticks, highlighter palettes, eyeshadow palettes, lip scrubs, clothing, and accessories, such as mirrors and makeup bags.

Jeffree Star Personal Life –

Jeffree was reported to be dating Nathan Schwandt till January 2020. He often had controversies with other media personalities.



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