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Jeff Lowe’s Net Worth: Hints at Why He Invested So Much in Zoo?

Jeff Lowe is extracting his Tiger King image with many more possibilities for the public to observe extrinsic animals. But recently his venture could yet be illegal.

As animal rights groups proceed to wage war upon exotic zoo owners, Jeff is seeking to utilize his animals & his newfound Tiger King reputation to his power.

Jeff Lowe’s Early Life

Lowe was raised with these exotic animals. As he revealed in the docuseries, his grandpa established Robin’s Brothers Circus in 1928 and a few of his first birthday presents were big cat cubs.

Lowe met Joe Exotic, in 2015, the prior owner of The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, the moment he decided to get a cub from him. Lowe currently discerned how bad Joe’s financial position was with his park. Which is when Lowe chose to fund in the zoo and keep some of his animals in that place.

Why did Joe cancel ties with Jeff Lowe?

If we recall back about Joe to be forced to register for bankruptcy after Carole Baskin, his rival claimed him for copyright infringement to win $1 million. After he filed for bankruptcy, Lowe and Lauren Lowe (his wife), became the owners of The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park.

He discovered that Joe was about to get investigated by the federal government for a murder-for-hire plan to kill Baskin. Lowe became an informer and supplied information to that government, which led to Joe’s arrest. And it was the end of his friendship with Lowe.

What could be the net worth of Lowe?

Jeff holds a multi-millionaire tag as he has undertaken several jobs throughout his lifetime. There was the time when he became the owner of numerous discount retail stores before managing Robbie Knievel and Evel.

With the recently procured zoo plus Tiger King fame. Jeff’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million – $10 million as of 2020 records. Jeff directed his passion and love for animals into one of the most auspicious businesses in the world.

Regardless of the form, the takeover of the GW Exotic zoo was a “dream come true” for him. His wealth is evident in Jeff Lowe’s choice to seal down Joe’s former park amidst the COVID outbreak. And open a new means, called The Oklahoma Zoo.

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