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Jeepers Creeper 4 : What is the Plot, cast and characters?

jeepers creepers 4

There has been no official regarding the release date of Jeepers Creepers as of now. Jeepers Creepers was announced as the final movie. The scripting of the movie finished in January of this year as reported by IMDb and the movie was announced on May. This leaves some hope while there are other issues. Actor Jonathan Breck revealed that the unused script of the third movie will be a TV show.  The third movie was delayed due to the writer/director Victor Salva’s 1988 conviction of child molestation. This issue is likely to come up again. Moreover, considering the current pandemic situation and halt in productions. The movie is expected to take some time.

The first movie was released in the year 2001. The sequel followed two other movies, second one was premiered in 2003 and the third movie in 2017. The writer/director is Victor Salva. The original language of the movie is English.


The story begins with two siblings who because of curiosity gets their life in danger. On their way from college they realize a truck is following them. They later find the driver of the truck dumping the body inside a sewer pipe. The man realizing the two saw them, managed to chase them off.

Later, Darry(one of the sibling) went to check inside the sewer pipe and what he saw was a horrific sight. He saw many dead bodies lying there with missing parts. They go to contact the police from a diner where the lady plays a song “Jeepers Creepers” and tells them that if they hear this song they need to run. It is said that creeper is a demon who rises every 23rd year for 23 days and feeds on human parts which then forms as parts of his own. The devil has a face, a plan to execute and even a home.

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Cast and characters

  • Gina Philips as Trish
  • Jonathen Breck as the creeper
  • Ray Wise as Jack Taggart Sr.
  • Luke Edwards as Jack Taggart Jr.
  • Marieh Delfino as Rhonda

Jeepers Creepers 4

There has been no official confirmation about the release date of Jeepers Creepers 4. However, the movie is expected to take a whole new direction. Fans are also expecting Trisha to come back for revenge. Although, there is no much information regarding the fourth movie. The viewers can expect it to once again evoke nightmares and also entertain them.


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