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Jay Mazini, What is Jay Mazini’s networth? Here is the report

Jay mazini

Rapper 50 Cent and his associate, Jay Mazini have been pouring money all over Burger King in New York. According to the reports, they are giving as much as $30,000 in cash to the employees. Here we have brought to you everything about Jay Mazini and the money doling out.

Did Jay Mazzini give away $30,000 in cash?

Entrepreneur Jay Mazini, along with 50 Cent, who also happens to be the rapper’s associate, had suddenly shown up at the BK drive-thru in South Jamaica, Queens, with the exclusive motive of creating the best day of all of the working employees. 50 Cent who is originally named as Curtis Jackson III, had grown up in that area and hence this place is obviously pretty close to his heart.

While Mazini, at the same time had developed a financial program that gave rise to him being popular and extremely rich. He had diverged into taping videos of himself distributing huge sums of money to people before posting the said videos online.

Why did Jay Mazini give away so much money to Burger King employees?

Jay Mazini had written in block letters explaining why and how he did the job of making the employees happy. He said that 50 Cent and he had to shut down Burger King near the Southside Queens. He also stated they had distributed over $30,000 to the workers of Burger King. They are working very hard during the pandemic and felt the need to do something good for these people. He was certain that this was going to make a positive difference in their lives.

While some people were quite iffy about them because he had filmed the whole process of charity. They claimed that he was not doing God’s work because he was flaunting about it. But the employees of Burger King certainly didn’t think that way.

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