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Jason Bateman, John Cena To Feature In Netflix Comedy, Movie Night

Jason Bateman will be producing a new family drama expected to release this year.

In recent turn of events, Hollywood actor Jason Bateman is expected to put his next film into production. A little searching was involved but we were able to find out that the upcoming series will be a family drama. The family drama is expected to release on Netflix during fall, 2020. Regardless of what this maybe, we are extremely happy about the fact that the movie will be releasing this year. We are able to confirm the news after Daniel Richtman, who is exclusively operating on Patreon, revealed details regarding the same. The first few details of the movie were released on April 18th first.

The movie is expected to be titled, ‘Movie Night.’ The story in the movie is going to loosely be based on the same story line as Night At The Museum. In the latter, we witnesses inanimate objects coming to life. It seems like in Movie Night, we will be taken on a similar journey. If reports are believed to be true, the premise of this movie will be surrounding a tour bus that is filled with guests. They are all put in a kind of situation wherein they are expected to scape a studio lot. The studio lot is what comes to life and it is highly unbelievable just how funny this journey will be.

What are John Cena’s plans with this movie?

John Cena is reportedly currently connected with numerous projects that are associated with Richtman. Chief among them is this one, which he is expected to help Bateman direct as well. As far as we know, Bateman is also going to be playing a key role in producing the movie along with Michael Costigan, Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum. Aggregate Films and Roth Kirschenbaum Films are the two main studios who are responsible for funding this Netflix original.

Jason Bateman and John Cena to come together

Jason Bateman has long been associated with different types of content on Netflix. Right from the beginning, when talking about his first project, he has been a part of Netflix. He has featured in numerous shows since the beginning. The star is currently involved with numerous Netflix original dramas including Ozark. The third season of Ozark also ended up releasing on Netflix during early 2020.

John Cena, on the other hand, is set to work with Netflix for the first time. However, the actor is well known for his work in WWE. Some of the work that he has recently been a part of includes Dolittle, Bumble Bee, and Ferdinand.

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