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Jackie Goldschneider net worth, career, family and other updates

Jackie Goldschneider net worth

Jackie Goldschneider: Introduction

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider has been the hot topic this year regarding her net worth, and other issues or rumours that followed. Jackie is a freelance writer, blogger and the member of RHONJ. Along with this, she was also a former attorney. Jackie is known to be a woman of beauty and brains. Her blogs are famous, especially among new mothers. She enjoys writing about parenthood. Along with this, she writes for various other websites like Huffington Post and Scary Mommy and also writes for New Jersey newspaper.

However, regarding the controversies about her net worth. Jackie Goldschneider net worth is around $2 million. She had the money even before joining the show. She had mentioned in an interview that she comes from a family with good financial status. Along with this, Jackie has succeeded in making a good fortune for herself. She had mentioned that her family had struggled to earn so much and so for her money has not been everything. She also said she does not like to show off her money and finds that “tacky”.

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Early life

Jackie Goldschneider was born in Brooklyn. Her mother and father come from Brooklyn and Israel respectively. They both had nothing when they came to Brooklyn with their relatives.  Her mother was a very ambitious woman which has also influenced Jackie. Her parents were very smart about the money they had as they invested it all in stock markets and real estate. Jackie mentioned that she does not live with the earnings of her parents. Whatever she received from the trust fund she invested in her real estate.

Personal life and career

Jackie Godschneider married Evan Goldschneider. They are the parents of two sets of twins. Jackie had mentioned in an interview that the couple works hard to show their kids a very healthy relationship between their parents. The RHONJ cast member is a millionaire but is also very modest. However, there was an incident Jennifer Aydin called her cheap for not giving enough food to the guests during her children’s birthday party. To this, the actress replied saying that  “When you imply that I’m taking things away from my children for my own benefit and spending the money on myself instead, then A, you clearly don’t understand the type of money that I have. Because buying my kids food wouldn’t take anything away from me,”.

Jackie is a multitalented and independent woman. She had made a good fortune for herself through her passion as a writer blogger, attorney and even an actor. She writes articles for many websites and the New Jersey newspaper. As of the rumours that were in the air regarding her being fired from the show, none of it is true. Jackie has been part of the show since November 2018. Further, she has plans to stay in the show.

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