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Jackie Goldschneider: how she began her career after discontinuing being an attorney and became one of the finest writers!

Introduction of Jackie Goldschneider:

Jackie Goldschneider is a freelance novelist, past lawyer, and cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey show. Jackie is a writer for a New Jersey news platform, as well as a blogger on her blog, where Jackie writes mainly about her child-rearing; where Jackie has created her kingdom. Jackie Loves music and also said that a good song can drive her crazy and send her into insanity. Jackie is also a fitness freak where she worked out hard as a solution for a disorder that battled for ten years.

Where Jackie was born and started her life?

Jackie was born on 2nd October 1976, to Jewish parents and lived with her parents and elder brother on Staten Island, New York. Jackie maintained herself as an attorney before changing her career to be a freelance writer and journalist after marriage. Later Jackie accepted her career at one point and agreed to go for it and started writing which published and went viral all over the world.

Jackie is currently working on the writing for Good Housekeeping and blog titled as Into The Mummy Brain for a website. Jackie is also working towards getting her first book published. According to her achievement, her accumulated net worth was around $3 million where a value of $50000-$100000 per episode for the reality show.

How were Jackie’s childhood and adulthood life?

Her life started where Jackie worked as an attorney for seven years before coming to the media industry, but later stopped her law practice and concentrated on putting forward her children. Jackie’s parents came to the city with empty hands but earned something for the livelihood. Jackie got her talent from her mother, where Jackie’s mother ended up writing a lot of the software that huge companies were using at that time. Jackie married Evan and became a mother of two sets of twins ages 11 and 9; all the four born two years apart. The elder one is sons and the other set of twins are daughters. At the age of 26; Jackie battled anorexia for ten years and started to take meditation, later receiving help from a psychologist and a nutritionist which finally let her leave the disorder behind her. Jackie progressed in the 80s style and later she expertly mixed these memories in contrast to the environment her children are now growing up in.

Career Jackie pursued:

Jackie is so worried when it gets to raising kids; this made an opportunity for her career where spent time with her kids at home as well as started to write articles that were published worldwide. 


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