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J Prince: All about his net worth, personal life and career.

J Prince

J Prince is a 53-year-old businessman, music executive, promoter. He is famous for being the CEO of the Rap-a-lot. He is an icon who supports aspiring rap scenes and artists. Prince is also a philanthropist who works to promote and help underprivileged people in his neighborhood and communities. He has also received many recognitions for this as well. He is also very successful in his rapping career. J Prince has also worked as executive producer of documentaries and worked for films as well. He has also started centers to help young, teenagers, and adults to improve and succeed in their life. He has been a true asset to his place and has worked towards improving the lifestyle of everyone around him.

Childhood and Early Life

J Prince was born on October 31, 1965, in Houston, Texas, US. He grew up in poverty and so the urge to make money to support him and his brother was a priority. This determination and need brought him to who is right now. He grew up in the streets and so had lots of connection with the people there. Not much information about his family and childhood is revealed as J Prince is very private about his family and life.

Personal Life and Career

His career began with selling used cars and as said he tried to make a profit in this business by making use of all the contacts he had. However, this led him to the music industry and further to become the CEO of rap a lot. He is also considered as a mediator in the world of hip hop. His was recognized for his social service works by the Houston Mayor and the council for 20 years of commitment and service to the city. A James Prince day was also established. He has also helped raise awareness against HIV/AIDS for youngsters and provided alternatives.

He is married to Mary Prince since 1994 and has two children Jas Prince, who is also a famous celebrity and is known for bringing Drake into the field of music. His other child is Brandy Prince.

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What is the net worth of J Prince?

J Prince is said to have a net worth of around $45 million. However, this hasn’t stopped him from forgetting his past. He still continues to make people’s lives better through his efforts.


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