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IT Chapter 2 would hit the theaters very soon

The sequel of the 2017 Stephen King’s film IT would soon head to the theatres all around the world. The first movie of Stephen King’s classic did scare the world and the new generation. So far, the second chapter of IT has a release date, i.e., 6th September 2019. Recently, the cast and the director of the movie gave a sneak peek of the forthcoming film to the audience.

The people who took time to visit San Diego Comic-Con this year were the first people to see the trailer of IT Chapter 2.

The bloody horror is back, again

The new trailer for IT Chapter 2 did get a release during the events of San Diego Comic-Con. The first reaction by the people suggests that this film is not for the specific kind of people who do not like the murderous clown. The trailer indicates that the second movie would be furious than the first one.

The trailer that made its first appearance in the comic con showcases the grown-up losers club members. It seems that the characters have forgotten the happening of their childhood. One of the most exciting parts of the trailers is that Mike tells his friends that they couldn’t stop Pennywise when they were young.

The reunion between the friends

The adults are seen together in a Chinese restaurant. Ever since childhood, the friends didn’t keep in contact with one another. On the other hand, they didn’t even know who of their friends are married. The trailer also showcases that the friends began to relive the horrific days of their childhood.

In the trailer, Bill is also seen running towards a kid who was being haunted by the evil clown. The moment Bill reaches near the kid, a wall comes in between them. Both Pennywise and Bill were trying to reach to the kid when the trailer comes to an end.

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