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Isabella Jane Cruise: Net worth of Tom Cruise’s daughter

Isabella Jane Cruise net worth

Isabella Jane Cruise is a popular personality in Hollywood, mainly because of her parents. She is the adopted daughter of the well known Tome Cruise and Nicole Kidman. She has managed to keep her personal life and career away from the spotlight. And so this causes restrictions in providing many details on her life. However, we have collected and put together the facts we could find about her in this article. Let’s get to know how much the rich and handsome Tom Cruise’s daughter earns for a living. Before that, here are some quick facts about her family and life to go through.

Quick Facts About Isabella Jane Cruise

  • Renowned for being the daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
  • Born on: 22 December 1992
  • Age: 28 years
  • Profession: Fashion Designer
  • Married to: Max Parker
  • Kids: none
  • Siblings: Connor Cruise and Suri Cruise

Early life and career

Isabella Jane Cruise was born in the United States of America. Later she was adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman after Nicole faced a miscarriage. However, despite having a strong bond with her mother. Once the couple got divorced, she did not have a happy relationship with her and stayed with her father. They were believers of the Church of Scientology. They got Isabelle through the Church members. Her birth mother was unable to raise her because of financial issues, so she decided to give up her child. However, there are no whereabouts regarding her birth mother. Isabelle also grew up to have faith in the Church of Scientology. She also encourages others to join the group. Later, Tom Cruise was married to Katie Holmes; she was her caretaker until they got divorced.

She completed her education through homeschooling. However, she did not take the path of both her parents. Isabella was interested in make-up and hairstyling and pursued a career in that line.

Personal Life

Isabella Jane Cruise is married to Max Weber, an IT consultant. The two had a secret wedding ceremony even though her parents managed to capture the public’s attention. The couple got married in 2015. The couple lives in London.

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Net worth of Isabella Jane Cruise

Isabella is a celebrity kid and so is expected to have quite a fortune. She has her own clothing business line, according to some sources, and is expected to gain money from this. However, she is famous for driving around a Fiat 500.

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