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Is “Unorthodox” getting a Season 2 on Netflix? When and how?

Unorthodox is a German-American dramatization web TV miniseries that appeared on Netflix on 26 March 2020. The main Netflix arrangement to be fundamentally in Yiddish, it is enlivened by Deborah Feldman’s 2012 life account, “Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots.” The mini-series was inspired by the best-selling memoir by US-German author Deborah Feldman. Inspired because the Netflix series takes a lot of freedom in portraying Feldman’s life.

Is Unorthodox getting a new start and when?

The mini-series was originally booked for only one season. It is therefore unlikely, but not impossible, that there will be a second season of “Unorthodox”. The end of the first season is open and leaves some questions unanswered. In addition, after “Unorthodox”, which was released in 2012, author Deborah Feldman wrote a sequel called Exodus (2014).

Should “Unorthodox” season 1 be a huge success, there would be enough material for a second season. However, it could take a few years for that to happen.

What could be there in “Unorthodox” season 2?

In season 1 of “Unorthodox”, protagonist Esther (Shira Haas) lives in the midst of an ultra-orthodox Jewish group. Your life is shaped by the strictest laws of life, oppression, and fear of punishment. At the age of 17, Esther is supposed to marry the little-known Yakov (Amit Rahav). But the desire for freedom matures in her and she flees to Berlin, where her past soon overtakes her.

The second season of “Unorthodox” could develop in different directions. Yakov’s cousin Moishe (Jeff Wilbusch) threateningly promised Esther that he and Yakov would return for their child. “Unorthodox” season 2 could be about Esther’s fight for her child.

There could also be a time jump. This would make it possible to transfer the events from Deborah Feldman’s second book – Exodus – to the series. In the book Exodus, Feldman travels through the United States and is on a journey of self-discovery. Although she is no longer Orthodox, she accepts herself as a Jew and finds others who think like her too. In the book, she also describes how she raises her son.

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Who can we expect to see in “Unorthodox” Season 2?

Should there be a second season for “Unorthodox”, there could be a new leading actress depending on the choice of the story. Should the events tie in directly to the first season, Shira Haas would have to return to play the role of Esther. If there is a leap in time, a new appointment would be possible. But even then Shira Haas could continue.
One can only speculate about other actors. Amit Rahav could return as Yakov, as could Jeff Wilbusch as Moishe, as the two characters provide the basis for more dramatic events in Esther’s life.

But whether there will actually be a second season in the end, or the mini-series as such, depends on the producers Anna Winger and Alexa Karolinski hab. Maybe we don’t even have to know how things will go on with Esther and how she uses her newfound freedom.

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