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Is this Monkey app safe to use? 

The Monkey app is a popularly used teen app that helps people to connect with new people. This chat app was created by five teens in LA. It is a video chat. This app randomly matches the people with other users of this app for just 15 seconds. And it also has a group video chat facility and it helps the users to connect with multiple people at the same time. With this, the user can also upload a moment that can be viewed by their followers. Monkey app uses the users Snapchat usernames and their phone number to connect and makes the matches while also allowing users extra time to continue a connection. This app uses the users Snapchat or Facebook as the platform to provide access for the service. This app is also enjoyed by the kids. It helps them to video chat with strangers from the whole world. 

How to extend a video chat? 

Monkey app also has features like video calling and it usually stops after a certain amount of time. The users can easily extend the video chat above 25 seconds by tapping the time button. And importantly, not only one but both the users have to click on the button to be able to extend the video chat past 15 seconds. To continue the conversation, the user can add the other person on Snapchat. 

What does Knock Knock mean?

Knock Knock allows the users to instantly chat with the other stoners by attaining to the private chats. Knock Knock feature was recently introduced by the Monkey app to improve the aspects. 


What do the Bananas do?

Bananas are used for buying a certain property that is available on the app. By using the Monkey app, the user can earn Bananas. 

Is this app safe? 

Monkey app does not have and ages verification. All the other teen apps have an age verification to ensure that it is safe for the kids. But this app doesn’t provide any privacy detail and also the app claims that they provide comfortable restraint to protect the users. The user has to update certain info including their name, profile picture, date of birth, user-contributed content such as the images, texts, videos, and screenshots that have been shared with other users. And these data are covered by the App’s Privacy Statement. 


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