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Is There John Wick Chapter 4 Happening? What Will Be The Conclusion? Spoilers Ahead – Tap to Know More!!

Revenge can not be explained in merely three films; does it mean we have John Wick 4?
John Wick is one of the best opening film sequences of the 2010s, its privilege has achieved much gratitude to deeply choreographed performance + ever-deepening alt-world frame.

The Release Date for John Wick chapter: 4 –

John Wick 4 was originally set a launch date of May 21, 2021. It put in the right competition with Keanu Reeves-fronted sequence The Matrix 4. Nevertheless, Keanu Reeves was set to shoot John Wick 4 right after the shoot of Matrix 4, and due to COVID-19 production closedowns, that is now no longer feasible in time to the formerly shared launch date. Hence, John Wick 4 is now officially all set to deliver on May 27, 2022.

The Plot of John Wick 4 –

As of now, the official details regarding John Wick 4’s fiction is being kept a mystery, but there is a strategy for more John Wick, after given the conclusion of the third chapter (Parabellum). Manager Winston fires and kills John Wick, after an extreme battle to safeguard The Continental & to retrieve the High Table’s support. However, John Wick is not dead yet but is being taken to the Bowery King who only talks about revenge. When asked the battered and bruised assassins if John Wick is angry, they growled – “Yeah.” This might set up a John Wick chapter: 4 where the Bowery King and John Wick act together against The Continental and the High Table, addressing the war that the Parabellum sign teased.

The Cast of John Wick 4 –

According to the sources, the cast includes Keanu Reeves as John Wick. Laurence Fishburne and Ian McShane will be representing their characters as Bowrey King and Winston. Besides them, there is no official confirmation regarding cast members yet. Keep checking the page for more updates!!

The Trailer of John Wick 4 –

As of now, there is no official trailer released for the fourth part. We can expect the trailer officially to release by early 2021. But a few fan-made trailers are consisting of certain clips. Go on and check below:


At the end of the movie, it will be disclosed that the Bowery King will be alive even though extremely whipped up from the sword strikes from Zero. The Tick-Tock Man will bring our wounded John to the King, and they state that they were plotting against the High table for revenge.

Stay tuned for the latest updates & interesting news!!

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