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Is the remake of power rangers worth watching ?

As a remake film from a legendary TV series, of course the Power Rangers remake version of the film that has just been released in Indonesia has a heavy burden. As the latest version that is more modern than the previous version, this film is expected to make fans nostalgic as well as excited with cool actions like modern superhero movies like The Avengers or other Marvel movies. In fact, the film successfully answered fans’ expectations of an entertaining current Power Rangers movie. Unfortunately, this film can be said to fall into the category of “films made especially for fans, but not for critics”.

Logan or Power Rangers

Viki has previously commented on Logan as a drama film with a superhero film package. This time Viki will also discuss films whose original genre is covered by another genre, namely Power Rangers. Just like Logan, Power Rangers is a teen drama film disguised as a superhero movie.

For 124 minutes sitting sweet in the cinema, you will see the drama and conflict of adolescent life between these five teen rangers. The fifth is described as a troubled teenager and isolated from his normal life. Jason is portrayed as a rebellious child, Billy as a victim of bullying, Naomi as an internet sensation, Zach who thinks more of his mother who is ill than his education, and Trini who has problems with her boyfriend.
Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Some of you already know that she’s a lesbian. Things that smell like LGBTQ are quite sensitive in Indonesia. A little leak, this movie doesn’t explicitly explain that Trini is a lesbian, why. So, most likely this movie will not be a problem because of its sensitive content.

Then the drama continued after these five rangers became closer than before. There is a bit of conflict spice that makes this film so clearly the genre of the drama. Drama and the conflict between the characters themselves are not made fools.

Although not made stupid, this is even a problem for the film itself. This movie looks half-heartedly alias bear. Drama is not, action movies are not. There are some scenes that the drama feels bearable and should be made more dramatic.

Our view

Viki feels that this remake version of Power Rangers movie does not have an identity and is not consistent. In some scenes, this movie feels like a comedy drama movie. But on the one hand Dean Israelite seems to be trying to make this film seem gloomy. Unfortunately this attempt to get gloomy Viki can say failed. There are some scenes that should be serious but even so funny.

And finally, after 90 minutes have passed, the long-awaited action scene finally appears as well. Yup, never hope that this movie is full of fighting action between rangers and evil monsters. Unfortunately, the part that should be able to be very climax again seems to bear and be anti-climax. In addition to the action is very short, many scenes that make you wonder and confused. Maybe you can not feel this if you do not think too much about the logic of the story.

From the side of the story, it seems very clear that this movie is not enough with just 2 hours. Many parts feel flat and need more depth, especially for characters. The dialogue itself sounds stiff and a little silly. Even so, Israelite and John Gatins as directors were able to cover their weaknesses with comedy elements through funny dialogues between their characters.

RJ Cyler arguably managed to steal the spotlight that Montgomery should have taken. Throughout the film you will be entertained by the action as well as the actor’s funny dialogue. Other actors / actresses are also not less mesmerizing. Viki greets them because they can play their respective characters well. The chemistry between the characters, especially the five rangers, also looks very good.
Some feel a little offended by the support of Rita Repulsa played by Elizabeth Banks. Slightly leaking, this villain character looks very scary when he first appears. This also makes Viki think that Rita Repulsa will be a scary and sadistic villain. Apparently, what Viki had previously imagined was wrong. As time went on, the portrayal of Rita Repulsa’s character even seemed to turn 180 degrees. Despite seeming inconsistent, Elizabeth Banks managed to play it well.

Visually, Power Rangers successfully featured an incredible dish. CGI technology has been put to good use here. Viki guarantees, you will be very satisfied when this movie enters the final part of the final fight between Megazord and Goldar.

Unfortunately Viki felt disturbed by the sound editing as a whole. The sound effects sound flat and not detailed, it even feels like being in a studio. Though Viki watched it in a theater equipped with Dolby Atmos technology. However, this should not interfere if you are the type of audience that pays more attention to the visual aspect.

In a nutshell

Overall, Power Rangers is not a perfect movie. In addition to feeling supportive, there are still many weaknesses and other shortcomings that are seen on various sides. Therefore, it can be confirmed that this film will not get good value in the eyes of film critics. But still this movie can entertain the general audience as well as fans of Power Rangers who used to always watch the TV series every Sunday morning. Hopefully Lionsgate can make a sequel that remains entertaining, and certainly not a burden.

Yup, this movie is going to be a sequel, and it has to be a sequel. We want more Power Rangers movie!

* PS: For those who hope Tommy Oliver alias Green Rangers appears in the movie, don’t expect more!

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