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Is Sense8 season 3 cancelled? Here are all the details you need to know!!

Seanse8 season 3

Sense 8 is an American sci-fi, drama series streaming on Netflix. Due to the poor number of viewers the third sequel has been cancelled. One special episode was released in 2018 which was the conclusion of the series. The same cast is expected to return in the third season if it is recreated. Please read further for all the information regarding the series.

Is Sense 8 season 3 cancelled?

Netflix’s Sense8 has been concluded after season two. Season three was cancelled because the production cost of the series is very high as compared to the number of viewers watching this show. After the release of the first season, the viewer ratings have dropped significantly which in turn lowered the possibility of season three of Sense8.

Fans and supporters have been continually asking for the release of the third season. There were a lot of tweets that were tweeted by the viewers & fans on various social media platforms. However, Netflix did not show any involvement in producing the third instalment.

Was season 3 renewed in 2017?

No, the third season was not renewed. However, the show had revived for a particular episode in 2017. That episode of Sense8 has been published in the year 2018. The special episode’s running time is 152 minutes. After that, the rumours about Sense8 season 3 began floating around. Nevertheless, it was announced that this episode is the ending scene of the series.

The cast of Sense 8 season 3

There won’t be any third sequel to this franchise. But if some other network decides to revive this sequel than the same cast is expected to perform in the third season.

Doona Bae will play the character of Sun Bak. Jamie Clayton will play the character of Nomi Marks. Tina Desai will play the character of Kala Dandekar. Tuppence Middleton will play the character of Riley. Max Riemelt will play the character of Wolfgang Bogdanow.

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