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Is Prison Break season 6 renewed or cancelled by Fox?

Prison Break season 6

Prison Break has certainly made a name for itself in the entertainment industry. The show consists of 5 seasons with 90 episodes. Directed by Paul Scheuring, the show first aired all the way back in 2005 and hasn’t stopped impressing us since. It was made in the US. It features in three different languages including Arabic, Spanish and English.

  The concept for the show was originally rejected in 2003 by Fox but has turned into one of their best shows with several million viewers. Now the question remains whether there will be a Prison Break season 6. Read to find out. 

What to expect from Prison Break?

Season 6 seems unlikely for now due to issues with finding the right script. The show hasn’t done as well since its first two seasons. However, the plot remains undefeated and continues to reinvent itself. It features several high-octane scenes that keep viewers at the edge of their seat.

The show follows the lives of two brothers Lincoln and Michael. The plot gets interesting when Lincoln gets wrongly accused of a crime and gets the ultimate penalty. To save him from his unfair death sentence, Michael hatches a plan to break his brother out of prison. In the process, clear his name and prove his innocence. The show has that high-intensity nerve-racking rush to it that viewers can’t get enough of. 

The show also has a great cast featuring a multi protagonist setup where more than one character gets the major focus. And also they split the screen time almost evenly as well. Some of the star power featured on the show includes people like Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller who play Lincoln and Michael respectively.

Also, worth mentioning is Amaury Nolasco who is Lincoln’s cellmate and Robin Tunney who plays his lawyer. The show also tends to bring in several noteworthy guest stars now and then.

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Can We Expect to see a season 6?

The Season 5 finale saw some of the biggest twists in the show and blew our minds. After the finale, the series looked done and dusted, however, the fans want Prison Break season 6. After the show saw a plummet in their ratings after the first two seasons as several fans got the feeling that they could never be topped. So, even though the season 5 finale was incredible, it seems like the creators have their reservations about venturing into the new season.

In early 2018, the Fox network officially announced that they were working on the next season of the show and it was in its early stages. Since then, it seems that the network has changed its decision. To avoid spoiling the reputation of the show any further, the decision has been made to wait until the perfect plot was found. 

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