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Is Maid Sama season 2 up? What are its latest update?

There’s a common assumption that ‘Maid Sama!’ is just another typical rom-com anime. But only you jump right into it, you realize that there are tons more thereto than simply bland romance and comedy. There are many romance anime out there and out of those, ‘Toradora’, ‘Inuyasha’, and ‘Say “I Love You” are a couple of popular names. But whenever you undergo an inventory of romance anime, one name just has got to be there somewhere on top which is ‘Maid Sama’.

Unlike most other anime of this genre, ‘Maid Sama’ doesn’t completely believe in fan-service for its comedy. In fact, you’ll rarely find anything in the entire show that even mildly qualifies as fan service. Even the most character isn’t portrayed as this extremely curvy girl; she’s just how a traditional high-school teen would be. The realism in the anime is particularly striking.

Despite knowing the very fact that it’s just an animated show, you’ll still adore the connection of the most characters because it simply is that the cutest thing ever.

Maid Sama, how is it and where can you stream?

The comedy is not the laugh-out-loud kind. It’s more subtle and can cause you to giggle all the time. The original story of the anime is extremely refreshing and therefore the way it portrays the love between the 2 main characters is so beautifully subtle without the implication of any physical interactions between them. The anime takes a really clean, precise and easy approach to the story.

The English dubbed and subbed version of the primary season of ‘Maid Sama!’ can be found on Hulu. You can also stream it on Amazon Prime with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

When show makers publish Maid Sama Season 2?

‘Maid Sama’ season 1 premiered on April 2, 2010, and ended an equivalent year on September 24. It had a total of 26 episodes, which is slightly above the conventional 24 episode format. Fans literally did everything in their power to get a second season from J.C. Staff studio. Some even started online petitions just to urge another season out of this great anime. But sadly, there are no announcements regarding that yet and each passing year after the primary season’s end just brings us closer to accepting the anime’s fate.

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