Love alarm season 2

Is Love Alarm season 2 getting renewed? Here is everything you need to know!!

Lee Na-Jeong’s Love Alarm season 2 has been officially confirmed. The script for season 2 was completed in February 2020. The official release date of this series was going to be on 22nd August this year. But due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the production process has been suspended as of now.

The plotline for the series second segment will focus on the three main characters. At the same time, two of them will enroll themselves in the show Love Alarm in search of true love. The same cast is likely to return for the second installment. Here we have brought you everything about Love Alarm season 2 in detail.

Release Date of Love Alarm season 2

Netflix has decided to revive the second season of Love Alarm after the first season went rave among the audience. The first season had contained a total of eight episodes and was lauded by the viewers. It had succeeded in gaining a huge fan base.

The second season has been set to broadcast on 22nd August 2020. But the series got halted right before two weeks of its original planned release date. This is due to the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Momentarily it is scheduled to publish on 2021, but there has been no official release date yet. The series had suffered some problems linked to post-production. The season two’s filming was completed in June 2020.

The probable cast of Love Alarm season 2

Kim So Hyun will play the character of Kim Jo-jo. Jung Ga-ram will play the character of Lee Hye-Yeong. Song Kang will play the character of Hwang Sun-oh. Z.Hera will play the character of Kim Jung-go. Kim Si-Eun will play the character of Lee Yuk-jo. Lee Jae-Seung will play the character of Cheong Duk Gu. Song Sun-mi will play the character of Jeong Mi-mi.