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Is it true that ‘Tenet’ has crossed the $200 million mark globally?

Christopher Nolan’s action-thriller movie “Tenet” has globally crossed more than $200 million, even though U.S. theatres are attempting to bring out audiences during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although, according to the reports, it suggests that the box office collection does not match with the real data. After the first opening weekend, the Warner Bros. has declared that they have increased their ventures into more cities. Here we have brought to you everything regarding the real box office collection of Tenet and how it performed in the theatres.

How much did Tenet make during the second week after the launch?

Tenet which is a sci-fi action thriller movie has produced only $6.7 million in its second week of release. This shows a 29% drop compared to the weekend it premiered. Warner Bros. on the last weekend acclaimed that Tenet had made a $20 million debut. While upon closer investigation of those numbers, it indicated that they were heavily twisted to include the weekday preview screenings and the long holiday weekend. In fact, Tenet had only succeeded in attaining about $9 million during the weekend, between Friday and Sunday. Warner Bros. tried to do damage control and attempted to curb discussions about Tenet’s box office collection. They have been hiding the domestic grosses for the film.

The studios normally share their box office information as a way to brag about its performance on a daily basis, but that has not been done with Tenet. The Warner Bros. studio prefers to assure that reporters and rivals do not do a biased investigation and tag it as a financial flop. Within less than a week after the release of Tenet, the studio has postponed the release of “Wonder Woman 1984.”

How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the entertainment industry?

The entertainment industry has been hit hard by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and production or release of many television series and movies. Approximately 65%-75% of the theaters in the U.S. have reopened. Although, leading demands like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles still remains closed. Theaters have returned to business and had to reduced the capacity of people inside the halls, which automatically limited the sell of tickets.

After the first opening weekend, Tenet had played in more than 100 locations. This accounted to 2,910 ventures in total and it has since been increasing and anticipated to grow as more cities are opening the theaters.

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