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Is it true that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating ?

Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin is a South Korean actress by gaining a reputation in so many tensions and romantic films.  Son Ye Jin is popularly known for her amazing roles in many Korea and television series and romantic movies especially in The crash landing on you and something in the rain dramas. Recently There have been rumours about son Ye Jin dating Hyun Bin for one year after they have been acting in “ The crash landing on you” Korean series. 

Is Son Ye Jin single or ready to mingle?

Currently Son ye jin status is single and her love life is not so big a hit in real life as she doing in reel life. She is having a set of relationship goals, wants to marry by the age of 34 but couldn’t able to find her perfect idol man in her life as she is fully concentrating on her career rather than her personal life. 

At a very young age, she came to the industry and started to progress her professional life where she had no time for a proper dating period. She even demonstrated that her dating life is non-existential because of her demanding career in the industry.

Son Ye Jin dated her co-stars which made the pair a big hit:

  • Previously in her dating life, Son Ye Jin has been dating Kim Nam Gil in 2013 where they are spotting together on the set of shark movies as costars. Even after this filming of sharks, they catch up together in their houses often. Also, they have been rumors that they went to Japan for a date but in the end, their agencies denied the rumors. 
  • After the drama ‘something in the rain’ Son Ye Jin has been the talk in the town after she is with Jung Hae In during the filming time, where the drama is also a romantic plot so the audience themselves predicts that there is something fishy between ye Jin and hae In, like going to Amusement parks together even after the series gets over.

What are the recent rumors of Son Ye Jin’s dating life?

As we all know that crash landing on you in 2020 reached the Kdrama to another level where son Ye Jin has been acting with Hyun Bin, The media spotted them together on 10 January 2019 in Los Angeles where they went on vacation in the US and had dinner together. These pairs even had a good time together in the set of CLOY which seems intense and cute. 

Fans are looking forward to Son Ye Jin to pair with Hyun bin in any drama as well in real life.

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