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Is Huge Jackman being a diplomat for the Black Lives Matter Movement?

For the last few days, there have been witnessing protests against the brutal murder of George Floyd across the US. Numerous celebrities have also come forward to support the Black Live Matter Movement. People across the USA are gathering together to express their solidarity with an African American, George Floyd, who was died or rather was murdered by a white cop named Derek Chauvin who knelt on his neck while Floyd struggled to breathe. Brutal Death of George has caused so much anger and rage in people that they have now come in unity together on the streets to protest and start riots.

Citizens are uniting to raise their voices on behalf of the black perpetrators against police violence through the Black Lives Matter campaign. Those who can not join the protest physically, including various celebrities from Hollywood, are extending their support through social media. This sensitive issue is a really powerful one. But it seems like Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, who is currently quarantining with his beloved family in Australia, is being a diplomat. He came forward in support of Black Live Matter, and he shared some pictures in favor of the movement, but one of his posts did not go well and was condemned for it. He was seized big time by the people for sharing a photo in which a protester is hugging a policeman.

The 52-year-old actor was highly criticized by people on social media for sharing a photo of a demonstrator hugging a white cop during one of the protests. The famous Wolverine and Logan star posted a picture on 3rd, which read “Solidarity.”

Since the star posted the image, people have been accusing the star and blaming him that Hugh Jackman is spreading propaganda by only sharing the good stuff and not posting videos and photos of the police brutally hitting the peaceful protesters. One of a user tweeted on his post that “This is shallow propaganda designed to obfuscate and maintain oppressive dynamics.”

Even some of the Australian star’s fans pointed out two of Hugh’s most famous films, Les Miserables and X men, on combating injustice, inequality, and hatred. A user commented on Huge’s post, “Did you pay attention to any of the x-men movies you were in?” and another user replied to the Hugh Jackman’s post and wrote that “Bro was in Les Miserables and he still doesn’t get it?”

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