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Is How To Train Your Dragon 4 renewed ?

How to Train Your Dragon 4

The fans will always want to see the ultimate duo of Hiccup and his adorable dragon Toothless. They are expecting a renewal for How To Train Your Dragon 4. The movie first hit the screens in 2010. It is based on the children’s books series by Cressida Cowell.

The franchise has released comics, graphic novels, films, short films, television series, plays and even video games. Dean DeBlois is the director for all three movies and the writer for the second and third. The third movie was delayed several times due to a clash of schedule. All three movies collected a wide viewership, many positive feedbacks and were box office hits. However, The trilogy released its final movie in 2019. Read more to find out new updates from the franchise.

What to expect from How To Train Your Dragon?

The renewal status is still unknown, however, the creators are satisfied with how the last movie ended and feels it bought a satisfying closure to the trilogy. Further, plans have not been made but they are open to spin-offs with a new cast of characters. How To Train Your Dragon 4 will be an unwanted add on to the last movie.

The movie revolves around the protagonist Hiccups, son of Stoick who is a Viking leader in the land of Berk. Hiccups is shown as a misfit for the clans in the beginning. However, he unveils a skill that even he was not aware of. He is an expert in dragons. He figures this out when he makes a Night Fury, one of the feared dragon species his closest companion. His clan oppose this in the beginning until he teaches them to do the same.

However, the two along with others have to fight against all odds and dragon hunters to make peace between humans and dragons. As the story proceeds, we see the growth of Hiccups and Toothless. Hiccups become the next leader of the Vikings and do an excellent job at the same time dealing with difficult choices.

The final movie ended with a happy note. We see the dragons leave the Land of Berk to the Hidden World as they are much safe there. Toothless and Hiccups have a family of their own. Hiccups marry Astrid, his long time lover and Toothless finds his love in a Light Fury. The final scene shows the friends reunite once again.

The main cast of the show includes Hiccups voiced by Jay Baruchel, Stoick by Gerard Butler, Gobber by Craig Ferguson, Astrid by America Ferrera, Snotlout by Jonah Hill, Fishlegs by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Tuffnut by T.J.Miller, Ruffnut by Kristen Wiig along with others.

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Should we expect the fourth movie?

The chances of a fourth movie are very unlikely. And also the writer and director also said in an interview that “If DreamWorks in the future were to go back into the world of Dragons, I think they would have to do it in a different timeline with different characters and find a new way into it, because this really is the closure to this story, and that was delivered on my part”. With this, I believe the fans will have to let go of their hopes for a new movie to the franchise.


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