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Is Goliath season 4 cancelled or is it returning in 2020?

Goliath Season 4

Another favourite legal drama of prime viewers is the Goliath. The show premiered on October 13, 2016. The creators are David E. Kelly and Jonathan Shapiro. The two were former attorneys and also are writers and producers. The show has been appreciated for its compelling story and cast. However, the fans are eager to know about updates on season 4 of the series. Goliath season 4 trailer has not been released yet despite the fact that the season was announced last year. There have been no formal updates regarding the new season but looking at the gap between previous release dates and also the novel pandemic. We can expect the show to air by the end of 2021. The season 4 will sadly be the final one of the series. Read more to find updates.

What is the storyline of Goliath?

Goliath revolves around the life of a lawyer, named Billy McBride. He was a former brilliant lawyer who had his own firm but later turned to be an alcoholic after one of the people he acquitted murdered an entire family. We see Billy’s struggle as he fights for justice in a legal system which favours the rich and powerful. There has been no much information regarding the plot for Goliath season 4. However, we can expect a lot of twists and adventures in the life of the protagonist and those around him. Unfortunately, there has been no trailer for the season 4 and so the fans will have to take a look at the previous seasons to understand the storyline. The new season is also expected to give answers to the cliffhangers from the previous one. The next and final season of Goliath will be worth the wait.

Other updates on season 4

The Goliath season 4 was announced in November 2019 to hit the screens but there have been delays due to the pandemic. However, we can expect it to air by the end of 2021. The team is excited to bring the audience more twists and turns in the life of the characters.

The cast of Goliath keeps changing each season and so we can expect new faces in the upcoming season too. We also saw that season 3 ended with Billy getting injured and there were speculations about his return to the show. However, in an interview, he mentioned that he will be continuing in the show. And so, the main cast includes Billy Bob Thornton as Billy, Naina Raymonde as Patty, Tania Raymonde as Britney Gold, Diana Hopper as Denise, Anna de la as Marisol, William Hart as Donald Cooperman, Dennis quad as Blackwood, Joe Alison as Dylan Zacks and Simmons as George.

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