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Is Game of Thrones Season 9 happening or not?

Game of Thrones’ 8th part had an amazing controversial finish, and fans and the viewers of the show have high hopes for season 9 to arrive. So, considering their eagerness, a question thumps – Will there be Game Of Throne Season 9? Is it possible to return?

After the conclusion of the 8th part of our favorite show – Game of Thrones, HBO made it clear that they will not promptly make any other period of Game of Thrones, still, we surmise that none of us feels happy with the sudden halt of the show.

Will There Be Game Of Thrones Season 9?

There was a reasonable explanation in 2018 presented by the chief and creator of the show that no renewal of Game Of Thrones Season is there nevertheless even after a ton of fans pressure went on.

In the last scene of the series, Jon Snow urges Tyrion Lannister that did they make the best decision? What’s more, he replied saying that – ask me the same in ten years. Well, that simply is a classic response, still, fans have all the expectations. Not just the probability of 10 years jump sounds amazing, yet some chances reenlist the characters.

We as a whole discover that the season that might be the best thing about Game Of Thrones Season is The Dragons and none can deny this fact.

Dragon is one such thing we want to view more, and in the last scene, when he got the dead mum and left towards the east, we did not get a clue what happens to him after that. Demand to view a vaster amount of the mythical beast world.

On the off chance that there is no return of the show other than for a prequel of the Game Of Thrones which will be all set thousands of years before the original storyline of the show. The way before everything.

What’s the Conclusion?

After the overwhelming end of the 8th part of Game of Thrones, the fans requested (precisely marked as 1.7 million fans) as they want another season for a re-try of the 8th season without showrunner D.B. Weiss and David Benioff.

Nevertheless, we assume that demand will not be working. The production stated that they will not re-try the season or will try to give another season.


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