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Is Chris Hemsworth going to quit Movies ?


Australian Actor famous for his bodybuilding and mostly called as King of Asgard our very own “Thor” aka Chris Hemsworth. This actor is having a great time after the release of MCU’s Thor release his popularity was taken a huge spike.

But right now, this actor is spending his holiday with his family in Sydney beach house, away from the noisy world and close with his best people has given him the best days of his acting life.


The Star of Avengers and the King of Asgard is taking a break from movies for a change in his lifestyle. The information is true he was not accepting new movies after “Extraction” he hasn’t signed ant film.

King of Asgard is having a break in this pandemic and spending some good time with his family.

After the release of Extraction on Netflix, he hasn’t signed any film. While watching Extraction those stunts and his acting was so good that action films are more good to his looks and when it comes to the king role no one can match him in the role of Thor.

It is the best one in his career and many more to come under his belt. MCU has released the dates of the upcoming projects and Thor: Love and Thunder is the extension of the Ragnarok.

 Upcoming projects:

  • Thor: Love and Thunder
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  • The Eternals
  • Black Panther II



He will be the part of MCU and Extraction 2 is also in plans an when he the things settle down slowly he gets back into action. He is a complete family person now spending time with his kids playing with them.

Here are some photos that awestruck you how he spent his holiday time back in Australia.

As chris was spending time with family and also listening some scripts of new directors other than MCU movies he was planning to start a new production and introduce some new directors.

Sources say that in that production web series content is shown and with all these he is going to start his Gyms in Australia.

That’s all for now about Chris. Stay tuned to us for more updates on it.


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