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Is Alicia Sierra seizing revenge for Berlin? Money Heist Season 5

Money heist season 5 is one the most anticipated series by the fans. The series had a great hit in this quarantine period. The storyline, the characters and the tangled situations made the people go crazy. This series is created for binge-watching.

Money Heist( La Casa De Papel ) is originally a Spanish series created by Alex Pina. The series was aired on 2 May 2017. This series is one of the most-watched series on Netflix. The fourth season was aired in 2019 and the last episode was left in a cliffhanger, which is making the lovers yearn for season 5. In July 2020, the series got newed for part five. Now, go further to get the latest updates regarding Money heist season 5. 

Assumptions on Money Heist season 5:

Money Heist is a series which is very tough to predict, as per the previous seasons. The director never left a chance to amaze the viewers with the twist. And we can not predict what the characters will execute further. Season 4 of Money Heist was left in a strong situation where the detective Alicia Sierra kept the professor at her gunpoint. Will Alicia Sierra shoot the professor or will she join the Professor’s team? Or will the professor take any move to kill Alicia? There are many questions that the fans are trying to seek an answer. 

There are also assumptions that the detective Alicia Sierra and Berlin’s ex-wife Tatiana are linked and Tatiana has returned as Alicia to take revenge for her husband Berlin. Alicia is faking her pregnancy to seek her revenge. 

On the other hand, Tokyo and Rio’s fans are waiting for them to get back together again. In season 4, they both had a crack in their love relationship. There are also thoughts that Rio will be dead in season 5. 

Meanwhile, some are assuming that only Tokyo will be alive at the end, as the story is narrated from Tokyo’s perspective. It is said that Tokyo is narrating the whole story to Nairobi’s son. They showed Nairobi’s son in season 4 before Nairobi was shot by officers. 

There are many unanswered questions about season 5 of Money Heist from the fans. So, we have to stay calm to get the answers. And this series is worth to wait

When will we get season 5 on-screen?

The release date of Money heist season 5 is not announced yet. In July 2020 the series was renewed for the fifth season. It is anticipated that the series will be aired next year. 

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