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Is Alchemy Of Souls Renewed for Season 2? Part 2 Announced To Be Released In December 2022.

Is Alchemy Of Souls Renewed for Season 2?

Is Alchemy Of Souls Renewed for Season 2? This question just randomly pops into our heads Nowadays, don’t they? Don’t worry we got you with all the theories we’ll conclude with something fun for sure!

The most trending question that arises is ‘Will there be a second season for Alchemy Of Souls”? In the current times, the K drama ‘Alchemy Of Souls” has almost captured the attention of every citizen. Starting from teenagers to adults, everyone has been assured that the show gets the top percentages on IMDB. The first season of Alchemy Of Souls (which is currently been aired) has 20 episodes in total.

We are expecting that the last episode of season 1 will be premiering on August 28, 2022. With lots of suspense and unquestioned answers, the audience has already pointed out the question “When is Season 2 Releasing”? Read the full article to know every detail of the upcoming season.

Will Alchemy Of Souls Be Renewed?

Is Alchemy Of Souls Renewed for Season 2?

The good news is here. Yes, Alchemy Of Souls will be renewed and there will be a season 2. There is an official news announcement that says that the shooting of season 2 has already started. The production house has already started the shooting in July 2022 only.  They released that they do not want to waste any moment as wasting any moment might kill the excitement of the audience. 

Some sources say that the filming of season 2 is about to end. But the sad news is the second season will not release before June 2023. We expect that the second season will have 10 episodes in total. Alchemy Of Souls is completely available on Netflix. Binge-watch the series if you haven’t watched it yet.

More About The K-Drama Alchemy Of Souls:

Is Alchemy Of Souls Renewed for Season 2?

Lee Jae-Wook, Jung So-min, and Hwang Min-Hyun star in the Alchemy of Souls series on South Korean television. The story mages in this tale manage both earthly and otherworldly problems. It’s a murder mystery that began airing on tvN on June 18, 2022. Every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 (KST), it is broadcast there. It is also accessible for streaming on TVING and Netflix in specific regions.

Set in a nonhistorical, nongeographical country called Daeho that does not exist. The series is about mage apprentices who are in love and suffer as they try to break an evil spell called the “alchemy of souls”. With this magic, people can swap souls with others and our young heroes must prevent their own from being ruined. A depraved shaman master, Jang Uk, captures the soul of an elite hero named Nak-su who has been trapped inside the feeble body of Mu-deok—Jang Uk’s slave.

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