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Iron Fist Season 3 : Will The Next Season Happen or Is it Canceled?

After the Blockbuster movies, speculation for Marvels Cinematic Universe web series, Iron Fist is in the discussion that whether the Iron Fist Season 3 will happen or canceled. This is due to Netflix, which is canceling various marvel’s web series such as Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cage, and more. As a result, it has additionally added to the cancelation list and converted into anticipation. Let’ dive in and check whether Season 3 has been renewed or not

Renewal Status of Season 3

After the second season of Iron Fist has dropped on Netflix, fans are eagerly waiting for season 3 form a long time. Well, sadly, there is no renewal status of season 3 as the show has been canceled by Netflix. Hence, there will be no new season will be released in the future.

Earlier it was expected to be released in March 2020 as per the previous season release schedule. The first season was premiered in March 2017 and season second was released in September 2018. There was 18 months gap between these two. Hence it was expected to release season three in march 2018. But after that. According to the report, we have got to know that Netflix has canceled the series. Now, coming of season 3 depend only on time.

Why the season got canceled by Netflix?

The main reason for the cancelation of the is because of poor ratings. Netflix, this time, did not receive a positive response from the series as they received in other marvels series. Also as the show is supernatural, the show required extensive use of technology and VFX for the show, thus it became more expensive this time. But we suggest that fan might not lose their hope as Marvels and Sony are soon coming up with more web series and movies.

Who will be there in the cast?

Since Netflix has canceled the show, we cannot anticipate who will be there to represent their roles. But still, we can expect the returning of the previous cast of this season, if is going be released in the future. The expected cast are as follows

  • Finn Jones as Iron Fist
  • Tom Pelphrey as Ward Meachum
  • Jessica Stroup as colleen wing
  • Sacha Dhawan as Steel serpent and many more

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