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Apple iPhone 13 leaks, iPhone 13 might having 120Hz refresh rate display

Apple iPhone 13 leaks, iPhone 13 might having 120Hz refresh rate display.Speculation are coming around that Apple is about to launch Apple iPhone thirteen with iOS 15. It is expected that upcoming smartphone will be 20% more efficient that iPhone 12 series.

According to the speculation surfing between the netizens that iPhone 13 can follow same exterior design that iPhone 12 series have. However, we might expect few changes in its designs like, smaller notch design, in-display fingerprint scanner and portless charging.

If all goes well, the next-generation iPhone will be launch in September. However, as get closer to the release date, we will update you for the same. Now, let’s dive in to it’s features and specifications..

Apple iPhone 13 series will launch with 120Hz refresh rate LTPO display

According to MacRumors report, the iPhone 13 Pro series will come up with a 120Hz refresh rate display. We let you know that, earlier, Apple has refrained themselves for introducing 60hz refresh rate display to reduce more battery consumption. But this time, they are using LTPO tech to reduce battery consumption and make this device 20% more effective. Secondly, LTPO enables a variable refresh rate of between 1Hz and 120Hz. So that iPhone users can enjoy the high refresh rates as compare to iPhone 12 series. 

When will Apple going to release this next-generation smartphone? 

If all goes well in this year, the produce of IPhone 13 series estimated to be complete in September. However, the company doesn’t have announced the official date of releasing phones in the markets but it is expected that user will get this device at the end of 2021.According to our researchs and reports,The migration will end shortly, allowing both to provide the screens to Apple in time for use in 2021.

That’s all for updates on Apple iPhone 13. We will update you if get closer to the religion date or any other leaks of upcoming iPhone. Till then stay tuned and keep reading The TeCake

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