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iOS 12 Beta 5 teases dual-SIM support for upcoming 6.5″ OLED iPhone

iOS 12 Beta 5 teases dual-SIM support for upcoming 6.5" OLED iPhone

First rumored earlier this year, the recently released iOS 12 beta 5 may have teased a dual-SIM support for future iPhones. The beta 5 version was released on Monday with plenty of changes, splash screens, and explainers that make it easier for users to understand ‘What’s New’ when they upgrade to the iOS 12. A 6.5” OLED display iPhone X Plus is rumored to be released with a dual-SIM support referencing a second separate physical SIM tray. This actually means that Apple will introduce the upcoming iPhone X Plus with first-ever dual-SIM Support.

But it is not the first time Apple has teased an upcoming feature in its beta updates. Last year, a HomePod firmware update teased iPhone X’ screen design while the much acclaimed FaceID was teased in iOS 11 beta version along with AirPods, Animoji, etc. These are just a few features of the many that were teased in the beta updates even before Apple could officially announce it.

The iOS 12 beta 5 has also extended its support to the AirPower and new AirPods. A LED light has been added with the upcoming AirPod case dictating its battery status and thus, eliminating the need to open the case to know its status instead. The AirPower was launched last year in September with a shipping date of September 2018. It is just a few weeks away from today for which, people have been eagerly waiting so that they can enjoy wireless charging feature using the wireless charging mat or AirPower.

Apple will release three iPhone models including a 6.2” OLED iPhone X Plus and a smaller 5.8” OLED iPhone X and finally, a cheaper 6.1” LCD iPhone. All these devices are expected to be released at Apple’s event to be held this September.

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