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Intake on the Oscar-Winning ‘Parasite’

Parasite a thriller movie, which is the first foreign-language movie directed by Bong Joon Ho. It is the first South Korean film to win Best Original Screenplay and award for the Best director and best international film also.

The debut was made in the spring season of 2019, making this South Korean film win Golden Globes Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Besides this, Parasite movie also received two awards at the BAFTAs. Viewers everywhere just can’t stop themselves raving about it.

But do you know what exactly Parasite is about?

Parasite’s story is all about Kim’s family struggle. It is shown in the movie that the Kim family is trying their best to survive and make up for good, but soon, their son Ki-woo got an unexpected opportunity. In the movie, Ki-woo accepts the job of teaching English without any experience to Da-Hye, who is the daughter of the rich Park family. And thus, a mission ensues for the entire Kim family to gatecrash the luxuriant household.

Every family member, fortunately, is getting employed under the guise that they are slightly intertwined with each other.

Upon witnessing that everything was going normal and good with proper prosperity in both the families, then out of nowhere, a parasite comes in to threaten and destroy everything by disclosing the true reality.

Why movie is called Parasite?

Title of the Oscar-winning movie Parasite refers to the poor family that lives in a basement — Kim family. The family is extremely poor and devoid of resources and persistently try to climb the social ladder by leeching the rich Park family just like a leech sucks blood from its host. A parasite lives in the host organism and gets its food from or at the expense of its host. In the movie, writer has drawn reference to Kim family as a parasite.

What is the message of Parasite?

Parasite movie shows huge social differences in the society and unravels bitter truth of the mammoth difference between the lifestyle of poor and riches and their goals in life. Where working is class is forced to into conflict against one another and fighting for scraps, while rich families live a very comfortable life, thanks to the poor labors who are always ready to aid their masters.

Cast of the movie Parasite

This movie has 12 members featured in this two-hour movie with the majority representing the Kim and Parks families. Viewers, later on, will find out that the characters promoting it are crucial in the dark comedy.

Song Kang-ho (father, Kim Ki-taek)

Park So-dam (daughter, Kim Ki-Jeong a.k.a. Jessica)

Choi Woo-Shik (son, Kim Ki-woo a.k.a. Kevin)

Lee Sun-Kyun (father, Park Dong-ik)

Jang Hye-jin (mother, Kim Chung-sook)

Park Myung-hoon (the housekeeper’s husband, Geun-sae)

Cho Yeo-Jeong (mother, Choi Yeon-gyo)

Jung Ji-so (daughter, Park Da-hye)

Park Geun-rok (the chauffeur, Yoon)

Jung Hyeon-jun (son, Park Da-song)

Park Seo-Joon (Min-hyuk)

Lee Jung-Eun (the housekeeper, Gook Moon-gwang)

Parasite Trailer


Will there be a Parasite 2?

Presently, Director Bong is working on other projects including a Korean horror movie and has not made any plans for Parasite sequel. As of now it is safe to assume that Parasite part 2 won’t happen.

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