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Instagram soon to enable feature that will allow users to customise profile grid

Social Media Platform Instagram may get another crucial feature that will give users the ability to change profile grid, enabling them to construct their ideal aesthetic feed. The news came a week after Instagram’s CEO said that the app is testing three new feeds for its users.

Instagram is working on the option to alter the profile grid, allowing users to rearrange posts in any order they like, according to leaker and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi. Instead of deleting or archiving a post that no longer fits your feed’s style, you might just rearrange it.

Brands, business accounts, and personal bloggers may find this new tool very useful. This functionality would be available in a section named “Profile information,” according to Paluzzi. When you choose “Edit Grid,” Instagram displays your feed with the message “Drag and drop to reorganize.”

Simply choose where you want each photo or video to be inserted for a more organized profile feed.

It’s worth noting that this function differs significantly from the one Instagram unveiled last week, which allowed you to rearrange your home feed in three different ways.

According to Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, the business will roll out three alternative home screen options, two of which will allow you to browse posts in chronological order: According to Mosseri, “home” is the experience that users have now. The software assigns a value to material based on how engaged it believes you are.

Favorites: This is a collection of accounts from which you don’t want to miss anything. Mosseri claims he utilizes this stream to keep up with what his siblings, favorite authors, and a few of his closest friends are up to.
Following: You’ll view posts from all of your followers in chronological order, just as in the old Instagram.

Even though the new feed alternative is anticipated to arise in the first half of 2022, it’s unpredictable whether Instagram will ever permit users to edit their grid.

However, it wouldn’t surprise me if the customized profile grid became a staple. Instagram has been courting businesses and shops more and more recently, and the ability to rearrange the grid may appeal to organizations looking to improve their public image. This may also be useful if you’re a photographer or artist who wants to show off your best photos, regardless of how old they are.

This functionality will be found in the “Profile Information” section of the Settings menu. You’ll see an option called “Edit Grid” after you get there. It will allow you to order your Instagram posts according to your preferences. You can reorder the posts using a simple drag-and-drop method. When you’re finished with the rearranging, click “Done” to view the results of your labor. Instagram will now allow you to customize how your Profile area seems to you and others. This is in addition to the three options for displaying the Instagram Feed. Two of these layouts will display posts in reverse chronological order, like in the past. In a short video, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri discusses the changes.

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