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Indians to witness Super Pink Moon 202O on April 7 amid coronavirus lockdown

On April 7, the brightest and the biggest Super Pink Moon 2020 rose in the sky amid the worldwide lockdown due to the novel coronavirus. According to some studies, the Supermoon was quite bigger than the usual full moon.

As per the Royal Observatory in London, when the moon at the time of the full moon is within 10 per cent of its nearest distance to the planet, then it is known to be a supermoon.

Also, a report suggests that the Supermoon 2020 started showing up in the Indian sky from the evening of April 7. and It was fully visible on the morning of April 8 and set around 8 am. This Supermoon appeared on the eastern side in the sky, and there are reports that many people witnessed the Super Pink Moon

The full moon in April is named after some wildflowers, called pink moss, native to eastern North America, and thus the name ‘pink’ refers to the pink flower that blossoms during this time, and is rather not the colour of the moon.

A supermoon is also known by its various names which include the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon among coastal tribes since this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.

According to a recent report, after watching this brightest supermoon 2020, a local resident of Beijing explained his feeling and stated that Supermoon is the symbol of happiness and when he saw it, he felt happy amid the coronavirus outbreak. He also added that in China, the epidemic situations are getting better.

Our news sources have reported that since this terrible pandemic began in China, there was no death on Tuesday in Wuhan for the first time due to COVID-19 infectious disease.

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