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Indiana Jones 5 update, Here’s What we Know so Far

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There probably aren’t many people who don’t know about Indiana Jones, to be honest, even if you’re one the few one who hasn’t yet watched an Indiana Jones movie there’s a high chance that you’ve at least heard of them. Such is their fame, and for good reason too.

Indiana Jones’ story began with Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981 and the whip swinging archaeologist instantly became a fan favorite. After all, he got the youth of his time interested in History and Archaeology. The booby-trapped ancient temples and action-packed chase sequences were all a treat for the eye back then.

Now, roughly forty years and four movies later, Harrison Ford will be reprising the role of Jones for a fifth and possibly final time, here’s all we know about it.

What’s The Movie About and who will be therein?

As to the actual plot of the movie, we have not a single clue, not yet at least. The best we can speculate is that if Indiana Jones 4 took place in 1957 and that this movie is coming 12 years after, it is quite possible that Indiana Jones 5 may be set in the 1960s, which happens to be one of America’s most turbulent decades. This also happens to be the decade in which man first landed on the moon, in which case we may expect an extraterrestrial adventure, but that idea seems a little far fetched.

In any case, expect action-packed sequences, booby-trapped buildings, and mysterious puzzles, a staple of any Jones movie without which it would be incomplete. We might also get a different take on Jones’ life now that he is old and not as fit as he used to be. Maybe the movie will set up his successor, only time will tell.

However, the who are going to appear in Indiana Jones 5 yet to be confirmed. The only face we know we’ll be seeing for sure is that of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, because let’s face it, who else will play the iconic character other than the man himself?

Apart from Ford, expect familiar faces such as Karen Allen and Shia LaBeouf, who was revealed to be Indy’s son, to reappear.

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When is Indiana Jones 5 Coming Out? 

As of now, the movie is set to be out on July 29, 2022, however, we wouldn’t be surprised if the date is changed, since the movie has already been postponed twice. It was initially set to release in July 2020 and later on postponed to July 2021.

Even after the current date of July 2022 was set, production has faced several drawbacks, the pandemic being one of them but more importantly, it is the absence of a genuine script.

Recent disagreements over the script have gone so far as to make lead director Steven Spielberg quit, and James Mangold is now set to replace him.

All these scuffles coupled with production coming to a halt completely due to the pandemic might all add up to possibly another delay in release, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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