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Indiana Jones 5: Plot, release date, cast and characters

Indiana Jones

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, the release of the fifth part of this glorious franchise really took a huge hit. Indiana Jones 5 was initially meant to hit the big screens on July of 2019 but that didn’t work out. Following that, the released was further pushed back to July 10th, 2020. It then reached July 9th , 2021. Now finally the final (hopefully) release date has been set on July 29th 2022.

After this mega franchise started all the way back in 1981, there have been a total of four movies under the series. The franchise also has a television series and several video games to their name. Now the wait for the next Indiana Jones movie is finally coming to an end. The movie is to be directed by James Mangold under Disney and has been confirmed that it won’t be the last of the franchise either.


The script for the movie had three writers in three years which isn’t ideal. Responding to this, screenwriter David Koepp said “We’re still trying. And I think we’ve got a good idea this time. We’ll see.”. To make things even better, it was confirmed that Harrison Ford would be returning to reprise his role as Indiana Jones. Since the first release in 1981, Ford has been making the role his own. It wouldn’t feel right if anyone else played the character anymore.

At this point its just anyone’s guess what the plot could be about. Although, it has been confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 won’t be a reboot in any way. The title of the last movie wasn’t revealed until 8 months before the global release. Which means we could be waiting deep into 2021 to have even the slightest clue what the movie could be about!

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Cast and characters  

Returning as the main character since day 1, Harrison Ford will be returning as Indiana Jones. Although the cast can’t fully be predicted yet, several stars have expressed their desire to be a part of the project. This includes John Rhys-Davies as Sallah, Jim Broadbent as Charles Stanforth. Apart from this, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill has put himself out there as a possible villain in the fifth installment, which would be very exciting to see!

Indiana Jones 5

Either way, this movie is sure to make headlines all around the world. Following the long wait, it’ll be one of the most highly anticipated movies until it comes out. July 29th, 2022, save the date!

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