YouTube changes its manual copyright claiming guidelines & functionality

YouTube changes its manual copyright claiming guidelines & functionality

There are billions of videos on YouTube with millions uploaded daily. The video-playing site is also the largest when it comes to search volume alongside Google, Amazon, and Facebook. However, it does suffer from constant malpractices such as the recommendation algorithm and more. But here, I am talking about the channels that create content and upload on YouTube which could be either original or inspired from other videos such as parody or they might be original with tints of audio or visual cues taken from any other videos on YouTube or any other source. 

Perhaps, these types of videos suffer copyright claims which stay active for months even after the said creator has fixed or removed the so-called copyright claims made by other creators manually. This actually harms the ad revenue these videos could generate since YouTube disqualifies any videos from its monetization until the copyright claim is active.

Well, YouTube is introducing something new according to a new report. Apart from the Content ID-based copyright claim system which is automated where it retrieves data from its database before rendering any video as copied. On the other hand, YouTube offers manual copyright claiming method which is being abused by many creators and that is what the new feature is all about.

Instead of filing a copyright claim on a video without any explanation, YouTube will now require claimants to actually dictate timestamps for the content including both audio and visuals, that they assume or know is their copyright. This includes entering timestamp of a video containing any of your property from where it starts and where it ends that will be taken into consideration before YouTube jumps into the matter.

Furthermore, since the recipient will receive copyright claim with those timestamps, they can either remove or mute the said audio file (if any) which they can easily replace with any ad-free audio offered by YouTube without any hassle. When it comes to visual copyrighted property, creators will get a chance to remove the speculated section of the video from within the YouTube’s Creator Studio which is something new since the only thing one could do to remove that copyrighted section from a video now is to remove the video entirely, dispose the copied section and upload it again although the copyright claim stays.

YouTube is also addressing the matter where a copyright claim is idle for months before the claimants officially remove it even though all the required changes were made months ago which eats into the ad revenue as well. 

Similarly, if the recipient is confident that the video or audio cue that has received copyright claim is their property, they can appeal against the claim where the claimant has to provide sufficient proof about the ownership of the said property or else the claim will be revoked. Also, claimants who constantly post copyright claims on other videos and fail to provide the required timestamp will have their manual claiming feature revoked.

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