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Xiaomi sets a unique brand identity in India

Considering the records of the smartphone market in India, 2016 seemed to be the turning point in the Smartphone industry. Recently, an analysis has been marked regarding the demand of Smartphones in India. According to the analysis, in 2015, 102.7 million smartphones were shipped to India whereas, in 2016, 109.1 million units reached Indian shores. These statistics also indicated the dropping of old flip phones by the users.

As per the 2016 sales report, Samsung was able to maintain the top position in the Indian market with the highest market share of 24.8%. The second position is occupied by Lenovo/Motorola with 14.8% of the overall market share. Micromax was unable to maintain its second position and has been dropped to the third position with a market share of 8.8%. Reliance Jio came of nowhere and grabbed the 4th position with a market share of 7.1%. This 2016 has been a great year for Reliance Jio as it disturbed the total telecom industry with its innovative products. And finally, Xiaomi has improved a lot over these years and has taken the fifth position in the Smartphone market with a market share of 6.6%.

This is for the first time that the Chinese brand Xiaomi has booked a position in the top five smartphone companies in India. Xiaomi was launched in the mid of 2014 in India. And since then it has focused on its iconic hardware, bargain-bin pricings of the Smartphones and strong branding of the products. All these efforts have helped Xiaomi a lot to improve its position in India within these 2 years. According to the recent reports, Xiaomi has witnessed a tremendous increase of 119% in its products as compared to the last year’s report. Especially, during the holiday quarter in 2016, Xiaomi managed to increase its sale and grabbed the second position just below to Samsung in the top-five chart.

2016 has changed the fate of Xiaomi in India. It has also been noticed that Xiaomi got its tremendous surge after Hugo Barra left the Google’s Android team and served as the face of Xiaomi outside the china. With this record tracks, it can be highly predicted that soon Xiaomi will replace Samsung from its position and will be the largest manufacturer and seller of Smartphone in India. Apart from Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo Smartphones have also shown their magical performances and have been able to win the hearts of Users in India.

Thus, it truly seems like the Chinese brands are ruling over the Indian Smartphone market.

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