Woman saved son’s life by donating half her liver

Ali Baha Hussain was suffering from a severe liver disease and by every passing day, his condition was deteriorating making it difficult for him to live. His mother came to her rescue and saved his life by donating half her liver. A 23-year old Iraqi woman was reported donating a part of her lung to her 2 and a half-year-old son who was suffering from a severe liver disease. She underwent the laparoscopic left lateral hepatectomy which has been considered as the first case in the entire country. Iraq is a country where advanced technical methods for surgeries and medical treatments are still yet to come to have an effective liver transplant.

Ali Baha Hussain had been in the illness for a long time and no other came forward to save his life than her mother. According to experts, Ali has a condition named Glycogen storage disease which is a precursor to more advanced liver diseases and liver cirrhosis as well. He was weak and not as active and healthy as a 2 and a half-year-old boy should be. His growth was also affected when he was brought to the Fortis Memorial Research Institute for further treatment.

When Ali’s condition worsened, there was no help whatsoever from any source for the family to get the operation done when his mother decided to volunteer and donate a part of her own liver instead. She was sent for a thorough medical inspection at the hospital and after numerous tests and examinations; a graft was taken from the left lateral segment of her. It took nearly 10 hours for the procedure to complete and it ended on a good note. This is reported to be the very first case in Iraq where technology and surgical procedures are still practiced by minimal advancements. The liver transplant, however, was a successful procedure that got conducted at the Fortis Hospital.

Dr. Vivek Vij, director at liver transplant at the Fortis Healthcare said that the technological transition from the traditional liver transplantation to total laparoscopy donor hepatectomy has multifold benefits. the liver donors will benefit most from minimally invasive surgery as the laparoscopic organ procurement ensures excellent cosmetic and psychological outcomes.

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