A woman reported dead in Florida after contracting with flesh-eating bacteria

A 50-year-old woman in Indianapolis died on May 5, nearly 2 months after she came across flesh-eating bacteria while holidaying in Clearwater, Florida.

During her vacation, a woman named Carol Martin alongside her family headed to the racetrack to spend some quality time in the hotel hot bath tub. According to WFLA, Martin experienced a pain in her buttock area and was headed to the hospital not once but twice.

According to the family of Carol, she did not receive the right treatment she deserved from the hospital she was admitted in.

Richard Martin, husband of Carol said, according to the doctors it was an abscess or something in the beginning under the skin. In a few days, it started to grow from a small bump into a painful and big infection that finally took her life.

He added, in the beginning, it was a size of a penny or a dime which was literally small and couldn’t be thought as a life taking thing and even Carol thought it to be just a pimple that would fade away in some days. Then in some days it grew and became a big swelling kind of mark on her buttock.

Carol was infected by this flesh-eating bacteria when she was on a vacation in Florida in February with her family. Her husband says, the only different thing Carol did was get into the hot bathtub in the hotel room in Florida where he thinks the bacteria might have injected itself into the skin.

He believes if Carol was treated with the right medication and surgical help, she would have recovered the infection. He did not like the way the doctors and the professionals took the case at Franciscan health immediate care at first.

According to him, Carol was taken to the hospital 3 times out of which 2 times she was sent back home with some written antibiotics and a Heating pad which ultimately made the condition even worse and deteriorated her health.

Her family said, when Carol was taken to the hospital for the second time or the third time, the doctors should recognize the condition and take immediate action about the case. The third visit to the hospital made her into the emergency surgery word when the doctors diagnosed Carol with necrotizing fasciitis.

The doctor explained Carol’s family that Carol has been infected by a serious flesh-eating bacteria which is an infection that spreads quickly and even kills the body tissue one after the other eventually leading to trauma or death.

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