United States residents are all set for the celebrations of Independence Day on July 4th

Here I take this moment to wish all of you a fun-filled and happy 4th of July. Enjoy your freedom and celebrate your country with lots of love and joy. Cheers and greetings!!! Long live America!!!

The United States residents are all set for the celebrations of Independence Day on July 4th. This year’s Independence Day marks to be the 242nd in the history of the nation. People observe this day with parties and grand celebrations all over the country. According to the tradition, an event on a special day takes place at the White House to show love and respect for the holiday.

Much of today’s America was actually under European rule since 1492 when Christopher Columbus led his Spanish expedition up to the “New World.” After independence, in the year 1938, 4th July started being considered as a paid holiday in the United States. Many firework presentations are held in the country to mark this special day along with parades and grand parties.

The longest-running Independence Day event of the nation was observed at Bristol in Rhode Island. The celebrations there begin at mid-June and end with a military of 2.5 miles on 4th June. A huge firework event is staged at the White House, which attracts the attention of the entire population. The Macy’s firework show also is quite famous across the nation.

According to the received reports, near about eight thousand dollars have been spent on the planning of the celebrations. As per the estimations of the National Retail Foundation, the Americans generally spend around 7.1 billion dollars on the preparation of food items for picnics for the celebration of 4th July.

Last year Donald Trump, the President of the US spent this day in Washington attending a “Celebrate Freedom” concert. This was followed by a welcome ceremony at the White House’s South Lawn.

Though the president’s plans for this year’s Independence Day have not been released yet, we hope he would be having some surprises to wish his people a happy 4th July.

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