Why is Cross Browser Testing Significant?

Well, cross browser testing examines the applicability and functionality of an application across a variety of platforms. It includes operating systems, browsers, and even that of devices. As an outcome, it covers both cross browser (capability to function on manifold browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and others) and cross OS (capability to work on varied operating systems such as Android, iOS, and even Windows) testing for software products.

Of course, just like app testing, cross browser testing is also becoming important. Now, talking about cross browser testing, it is the procedure of comparing a website or eve that of web application’s functionality and design across manifold web browsers and platforms to promise consistent behavior and functionality for the end-user.  With such a huge range of browsers, devices, and even that of operating systems available in the present time, cross browser testing is a clear crucial part of developing software.  The purpose of cross-browser testing is simply to offer a consistent behavior and experience across all types of browsers, devices, and even that of platforms.

Browsers interpret things in a different manner

You know what, fundamentally, with cross browser testing, you are going to testing the appearance and functionality of a website in diverse browsers and devices.  Just as humans interpret things in a different manner, not all types of browsers interpret code the same way.

Now, CSS styles may actually render differently in Internet Explorer 8 than that of in more recent versions of Internet Explorer as well as Google Chrome.  Then talking about elegant styling and effects like hover states, image transparencies, shadows, and alsofonts, they can differ significantly across browsers.  Though these visual differences can mostly be impossible to overcome fully (mainly with older browsers), the aim of cross browser testing is to ensure your users are in a position to access all content and execute all of the general functions on your website in the absence of any major issues or sacrifices.

Glad customers, fewer bugs

Cross browser testing assists in providing the best experience possible to all of your users.  While it’s often one of the hugest pain points for development and QA teams, it is actually worth spending the time to make sure you are actually covering all major browsers you support.  Even if the maximum of your users is accessing your website on one browser, ensure all major features and components are functional on less popular browsers.  In case you say you support a specific browser, ensure that you actually do proper testing on that browser to dodge any surprises.

With the use of web traffic data, you can easily decide which browsers are getting used to access your site.  This may help drive decisions on which browsers to concentrate most of your time on.  The end result of cross browser testing is actually wider test coverage, and it means glad customers, less support tickets, and even that of more time you can spend growing your product.


To sum up, check out cross browser testing online and ensure that you make the most of this for your overall working and productivity. Testing boosts the credibility of your work and the products you offer.

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