Why AstroPay is the Great Deposit Option for Gambling

Why AstroPay is the Great Deposit Option for Gambling

There are many methods with which you can fund your gambling accounts. One of such methods with growing popularity is the use of prepaid cards like AstroPay. When you make deposits in online gambling accounts, AstroPay behaves very much like PaySafeCard. Asides just having the virtual prepaid card, AstroPay can do a lot more.

Keep reading, and you will understand how AstroPay stands out amongst other methods of payment.

About Astro

AstroPay started operations in 2009 from their head office in the United Kingdom. Unlike most other e-wallets, they are one of very few that concentrate their operations in Latin America. There in Latin America, you will find their services in countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Paraguay. Residents of these countries, as a result, have full access to the services of AstroPay.

Outside of South America and the UK, their services are also fully available in China. To increase their reach across the world, AstroPay has offices in many countries of the world. In such countries, they only operate as resellers. At such, residents of such count have access to have and use their cards for payments and other transactions.

To be sure if you can use their service in your country, you have to search online. You can find more information on

If you want to Us their service, go to their website and sign up. At the signup page, the casino will have you fill a form. There you must add your personal information alongside a valid email. After you have supplied the data, the casino will send a link to your email for a confirmation. Click on the link, and your account gets verified. You can then decide if you need their cards or not.

To buy one of their cards, you will choose one of the payment options available on the website. Usually, the options available differ by country. After selecting your preferred method, move forward by completing the transaction.

You would later receive a 16-digit number for your card and a 3-digit CVV via your email. Depending on your country and method of payment, the time it takes to get this email differs. For some, it could be instant while others have to wait for up to two days.

Your card remains valid for 12 months after you buy them. However, you can only use them within the limits that they come with.

Why AstroPay is one of the best deposit options for gambling

There are several options out there with which you can fund your gambling account. You have read about AstroPay, but then what makes them the right choice for you. Here are a few reasons why they rank amongst the best:

  • Deposits with AstroPay are straightforward and fast.
  • AstroPay provides a secure and safe method of online payment for punters.
  • AstroPay allows you to fund your accounts directly with your local currency.
  • When making deposits with AstroPay, you do not need to fill in your bank or card details.
  • Deposits made with AstroPay card at any online gambling platform are free of charge.
  • Astropay can help you control how much you spend on gambling. This is because the cards come with limits that are not too high. Therefore, you can keep yourself in check with the little money available to you.

Types of Payments Allowed by AstroPay

AstroPay has a unique payment system. That is, their cards can only pay a predefined amount of cash. The cards are available with a maximum payment of $25, $50, $75, $100 up to $500. In case you need more than the top $500 prize, AstroPay allows you to combine as many as ten cards. Therefore, giving you the possibility of a total of $5,000. Note that this is only available in some countries. So, to be sure, your country isn’t restricted, you can contact customer care.

Usually, when making payments, AstroPay receives in the local currency of the country where you reside. Afterwards, the money would be converted and saved in your account in dollars.

Using AstroPay for Online Gambling

After you have collected your AstroPay card details, you can use the card in making deposits in your online gambling accounts. First, be sure that the casino accepts AstroPay as a method of payment. Do this by checking the deposit section of the website and search to see if AstroPay is in the list of options. 

After that, you need to enter your payment information. That includes your 16-digit card number and the 3-digit CVV. After confirming your payment, your funds should move into your gambling account instantly. If the transfer were successful, you would receive a confirmation via email to that effect.

Your deposits using AstroPay comes at no cost at all. Besides, the process is safe since you are not giving any third party your details. You can have as many transactions until you exceed the maximum limit of your card. That is so long, the card’s 12-month validity has not been exhausted.

Unfortunately, you cannot request withdrawals from online casinos with your AstroPay card. So, you must find an alternative to withdrawing your funds. You could use bank transfer directly to your local bank, e-wallets or suitable debit/credit card. Whichever method you come up with, be sure to check the charges before you proceed.

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