Where to Find Inspiration for Blogging if You are a Student

Every student encounters a shortage of inspiration or idea fatigue after they have written the umpteenth blog post. We get it. You are not a quitter. If you are staring at your computer screen wondering what to write about, there is good news for you. Inspirational tactics for blogging come from unusual sources.

Watch the world go by 

The best thing you can do to get blogging inspiration when you are a student is people-watch. Get out into the world and watch a world of people engaging in different activities. If you do not have time because of the looming deadline to submit your essays or research paper, get help from the free database of essay examples on EduZuarus. They can help you with your assignments. Plus, they have the largest hub of free examples of papers on any topic.

Leave the worries of your homework with the experts and go to a place where your audience congregates to observe their activities. Networking with a community of bloggers to learn more about the trade is also a great way to get inspiration for your blogging ideas.

Stay updated with Google Alerts 

The best way to find blogging inspiration is by keeping yourself updated about the topic with Google alerts. If you are in doubt as to what to write, stick to the latest events and news. Google Alerts keep you on top of the trending news about your topics or subtopics. It introduces you to fresh content sources and keeps you informed.

To set up alerts in Google, all you do is go to Google and enter your topic in the search box. There you will be given various options to change your settings according to your preferences. For example, you can change the geographical settings to the country of your choice. Or you can even set up your preferred language.

Subscribe to various competitor blogs 

Be aware of and monitor the blogs published on your competitors’ websites by subscribing to them. That way, you will know the latest topics they are writing about. This will give you an entry into the current conversation. The topics they write about can inspire you to come up with similar or related topics.

Students who are starting to blog make the mistake of plagiarizing a huge chunk of the writing. Do not copy and paste the same ideas as your competitors. In other words, do not mimic them. Instead, put a different spin on it and take a different angle on the same topic. That is what your bloggers value.

Get feedback from your readers 

Bloggers love to participate and engage in conversations. Post a poll on social media or other digital platforms to engage them and gain valuable feedback for your blogs. Ask a question once or twice a week and let the replies tell you what they want to read. It is a great way to get blogging inspiration.

As an example, you can ask them what their biggest fear is, what film they have watched lately, or any question that could produce relevant content. If your readership is vast enough, consider using polling software that allows free trials. This can make collecting the responses easy and cost-effective.

Invite guest bloggers and authors 

If you have been blogging for a while, chances are that you have hit a wall with your idea generation, and you need to unclog your mind. Or your schoolwork requires you to take a break from blogging and spend some time on your studies. Both these occasions call for taking a different route in your blogging journey.

Invite a guest writer or an author to post an article on your blogging platform with a link to their website. This is a win-win situation where both parties benefit. You get content for your blogging platform, and they get a free backlink to their website that could potentially generate additional website traffic.

Reflect on a recent mistake 

Blog about mistakes. The public enjoys reading about errors, miscalculations, and mistakes made by other people. Bloggers eat up that stuff. They feel human and learn lessons from those mistakes without making those costly blunders themselves. After all, the best lessons are learned from failures and not from successes.

The times when you are running out of topics or have exhausted your list of brilliant ideas, think about a mistake you made recently and reflect upon it. Consider how the lessons you learned from that mistake can benefit your readers. Create a blog on that and end it with a provocative question, so you get insightful responses.


Stop staring at blank and empty word documents. Try out these inspirational tactics when you hit writer’s block, especially if you are a student. Each of these tactics builds on itself to give you other motivational tips. Very soon, you will find yourself in possession of a vast trove of blogging ideas.

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