What to Consider When Switching Your Business Energy Provider

So, you’ve decided to compare business electricity suppliers in the hope of finding a cheaper tariff to switch to, but how do you know who to go for and who to avoid? Looking for a business energy supplier can often feel like you’re trying to navigate a minefield, with so many different suppliers all offering a range of tariffs, prices, additional features, and services for your business.

Luckily, comparing business energy suppliers and ensuring that you choose the right option for your company is easier than you realise. Keep these tips in mind:

Be as Accurate as Possible

Using a good comparison site will allow you to get the price of business electricity per Kwh for your company, and you’re likely to get a more accurate quote when you enter accurate information about your business. You will need to enter a range of information into the comparison site, including the basics of your business such as the company name, location and size. You’ll also need to enter details about your current energy supplier; you can just provide the name, but giving your current tariff can be helpful in getting more accurate quotes. And finally, you’ll need to provide your contact information so that quotes can be sent to you.

Find the Standard Electricity Tariff

Energy providers can offer great deals when you switch, and running a business energy comparison might leave you with a few quotes that are the same price. If this happens, it can be tricky to determine which company to pick as there’s not really any difference in terms of how much you’re going to spend. A good way to differentiate between the providers and decide which one to go with is to find information on their standard tariff so that you know what you will be paying after the offer expires.

Consider Customer Service

You should also consider the level of customer service that an energy provider offers, and how they are expected to deal with any issues, complaints or questions that you might have while a customer of theirs. You can easily do this by going to the Ofgem data portal, where you can find out more information on how providers handle complaints along with customer satisfaction ratings. You might also find it helpful to look up your potential new energy suppliers on sites like Trustpilot and Google Reviews.

Find a Green Supplier

For most companies, using as much renewable and sustainable energy as possible is becoming more important, so look out for companies that have green energy credentials and consider how green they are when it comes to their own business practices.

Consider Smart Energy Companies

Some energy providers offer portals, apps or smart meters to help you stay on top of your energy usage and costs. If you are actively looking for ways to use less energy and keep your bills as low as possible, it’s worth looking into a company that offers this kind of service.

It’s never been easier to get quotes and compare your options when it comes to getting business energy.

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