Weird West will let you drool over the incredible gameplay of Bounty Hunter

Today I would love to tell you about the fantastic game about bounty hunters, villains, and guns. The game is called Weird West. Those who never played, try it once. Who knows, you might lose several days because of playing it. If you like these games, you can always try your luck playing on the canadian BizzoCasino platform

 It took me four attempts to defeat Siren Leader Shelby Cross. In the first, he simply shot me with a shotgun, in the third, I came very close to an exploding barrel, and in the last, he threw dynamite at the bandit and caught him in an electric trap in a pool of water.

Throughout the battle, I frantically ran through the narrow cave of an abandoned mine, changing weapons, spinning the map, and clinging to the odds. This is the whole Weird West, an immersive sim from the legendary Raf Colantonio, co-creator of the iconic Dishonored.

What Is It About?

Weird West begins with the fact that you take control of a bounty hunter. In front of her her son is killed. And her husband is taken away to be eaten in an unknown direction. Thus begins the chapter on revenge. One of five stories of different characters, which over time turns out to be much closer than it seems at first. But these are spoilers. And most importantly, only one of these characters is a simple person. But they are all monsters in different manifestations.

As soon as you figure out the controls and collect all the slag in order to sell it to the merchant, the most important thing will begin. That will be the journey around the map. Such a rich map of the Wild West. It was filled with numerous points of interest such as cities, farms, oases, merchants, mines, wild bears, bandits, and various mysteries. And if you go strictly according to the plot, then each of the chapters can be easily run in 5-6 hours, but is it necessary to do this?

Obviously not. If you ignore the side quests, you will be left without cool guns. Are you sure you need it? Here I am no. Weird West, like any open-world game. It reveals itself the moment you start looking around and exploring everything around you.

And here that side of the game appears. It captivated me from the first hour. In its core travel mechanics, Weird West follows the original Fallout, with fog, and random events. The travel takes time. The combat is not turn-based, but like in any role-playing game. It requires action points. But you can rotate the map, shoot from behind cover, and drink water from cacti, restoring lost health. And behind the banal plot of each chapter, a real drama is hidden, which accelerates from character to character. And in this component, Rafael Colantonio showed himself to be a master of the genre.

Should You Play It?

 The Wild West did not forgive mistakes. And Weird West does it too. Whether you’re facing a human, a witch, or some other weird fantasy creature that somehow ends up in the middle of the prairie. This is a hardcore game that sets a good pace during the battle. It keeps you moving around the map. Moreover, some tasks have a limited time to complete. Here it is important to prioritize or think over the sequence of actions.

And most importantly, the variability of Weird West allows you to immerse yourself in it immediately after the finale and make new choices that will lead to details and opportunities that were not available the first time. This means that in this strange Wild West, a couple of dozen more hours are waiting for me.

To sum up my feelings about Weird West, this is a rich and atmospheric adventure. In this adventure, the player is held back only by an internal moral code or role-playing. Moreover,  a rich map and a fascinating story can captivate him along and reveal the whole ins and outs of this strange Wild West filled with people. Snouts, sirens, zombies, strange monsters, spirits, and simple bandits who want simple human gold will face you during your journey. The latter looks strange against the background of everything else. Weird west is so weird! 

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