Watch: NASA accidentally shows 10 km long UFO Mothership on Moon, UFO Sightings Daily

Watch: NASA accidentally shows 10 km long UFO Mothership on Moon, UFO Sightings Daily

In an another stunning find, alien hunters have found giant UFO mothership which is believed to 10 km long. Conspiracy theorists are claiming to be another proof of alien life and they believe that aliens constantly linger around Moon and Mars. The UFO was spotted while examining the image of Apollo 15 mission that was accidentally released by the American space agency NASA.

UFO hunter Scott C Waring who runs a blog UFO Sightings Daily where he posts about aliens and UFO sightings said that the image was captured back in March or Mar. NASA was hiding this image and the pic wasn’t intended to release but somehow the US space agency accidentally released the image which has the evidence of alien life. The UFO mothership is resting near the Waterman Crater which is located on the other side of the Moon.

He further added that since the UFO is located on the far side of the Moon which cannot be seen from the Earth, this is why it went undetected until NASA released the image for people on Earth to scan and find the hidden objects. Waring says that it is not possible that NASA scientists would not have seen the UFO in the image. He further claims that the NASA knows about the existence of aliens but they are hiding it from us.

“Since one of the two original photos was deleted by NASA, I think its best to preserve this UFO on video in case the last remaining URL photo is deleted,” Waring wrote.

Upon release of the image, Scott said that there could two possibilities — either the image was released accidentally or a NASA employee has willing released the image to indirectly tell people that aliens exist.

Scott negated the possibility that it could be a reflection in the image and not a UFO and said that the image was taken from different angles and shows the same object at the same location which proves that the strange object is a UFO. Recently, alien hunters have spotted circular UFO resting on the North Pole of the Moon in a 4k video.

According to the UFO hunter, NASA canceled the Apollo 18 mission because aliens on Moon warned scientists not to return on the lunar surface and the US space agency said that they canceled missions due to lack of funds.

Conspiracy theorists claim that NASA astronaut has accidently revealed the codename ‘Gospel’ in the live feed from International Space Station. More importantly, several times strange and mysterious objects have appeared in the live feed from ISS and NASA has cut the feed immediately giving it a name of technical glitch.

Watch the UFO Mothership on Moon

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