Want to Track the UFO Sightings on Earth? Now a Map can help you

It is still not proven that aliens exist or not. According to the latest information given by James Oberg, everything related to UFOs and Aliens is just a rumour, but this doesn’t end here. Lately, the news of UFO sightings has increased drastically, and now the UFO prowler has come up with a map, which represents the areas where aliens have paid a visit. This map, which has been made by the UFO Stalker build on MUFON Case Management System, which shows that only in this year alone a massive amount of around 83,715 UFO sightings have been noted. This number is 12 percent higher than that of 2016.

Users can also view all the UFO sighting reports in the map, classified by location and date too. It unveils UFO symbols on the alleged region in the map, and the users can click on it to see more details. According to this UFO map, UK has reported seven UFO sightings in November this year. There is a report on November 15, when one user has claimed to have seen a UFO in the skies of Aberdeen. The report stated that the person was standing at the kitchen window, he noticed a  bright red and white light flashing in every two seconds. He knew this was not a passenger plane or helicopter. The object itself was travelling to directly North. It just looked like a medium brightness star but had an exquisitely bright red and white light. The white light was hoarded on top of the red light, and they would pulse on and off in every 2 seconds.

Fortuitously, UFO sighting accidents have been lower in number in Australia, as per the report generated by this map, where only four such sightings have been reported in November. The US stands at the top with 26 such stories; all recorded just in November. The experts have said many a time, and again that internet has a significant role in the growth of such UFO sighting reports during the last span of years, while most of those sightings can be simplified by natural or test flights of secret military aircraft.

The eventual result of the UFO sighting map shows that the most of these reports have come from major cities and populated areas, such as New York. This map also gives the information about the UFO sightings by the day, month and year, which signifies how frequently such cases have been reported around the globe.

It also indicates that most of the people have encountered UFOs during the summer months and that too in the night. But still, as another theory of Alien and UFO is mysterious this is also a mystery. This map is not scientifically proven and maybe just a game.

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