Upgrade your SD/HD movies to 4K on Google Play Movies & TV free

Upgrade your SD/HD movies to 4K on Google Play Movies & TV free

Are you a movie buff who likes streaming new movies or watch them again on Google Play Movies & TV app? If so then you are in for a treat. Google has started offering upgrades from standard definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) to 4K resolution at free of cost. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

According to the reports, Google will update all the titles you have purchased or rented on your Google Play Movies & TV apps from SD and HD to 4K as soon as the 4K resolution prints are available and the process is pretty much automatic so you don’t have to do anything to get it started with.

Google launched the 4K resolution titles on its app a month after Google-owned YouTube started supporting the higher 4K resolution back in 2016. But the fact is, Apple hasn’t been able to keep up with Apple which starts furnishing flat pricing for 4K movies in 2017 where the user could upgrade to 4K at minimal cost.

On the contrary, Google Play Movies & TV doesn’t allow its users to upgrade (before this update) or even exchange or buy a movie in 4K resolution movie after purchasing an SD or HD title. Since Google has started catching up with Apple, it would be great to check out all the movies in 4K that can be cast on Smart TVs. The app supports streaming the 4K video directly on Samsung Smart TVs if you have one. Similarly, if you have an LG smart TV, you can cast it directly onto the TV to watch it on a big screen.

But for everyone else, you’ll have to buy Chromecast Ultra which is an additional hardware bearing additional money that you need to spend to get the functionality. Google is also expanding its 4K movies to Sony Bravia sets via HDR.

Remember that Google only has 125 4K titles as of now which is a minuscule number of movies if you look for total movies available right now. Also, the service will be activated for users in U.S. and Canada only but Google has announced that it will try to incorporate the feature internationally once it has been able to escalate the 4K titles in its stash but there is no timeline wrt to the international rollout so we will have to wait for the feature to go public internationally.

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